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    I think those coins are in Stephens' pocket! I don't know if I can go to internet explorer 7.0 and do all tha stuff. I don't know if my friends nephew can help me over the phone, but there is still time for help yet. I just know I can't do it alone or use sophisticated tabs etc. I too, went around 40,000 times and got dizzy from scrolling. [I] do not know what Maggy is saying about tabs and choosing what she wants to read as threads. This is for advanced computer people, IMO.The ones who don't win should win a consolation prize, cuz we work the hardest and are most frustrated. I can't give away anything cuz I don't know anything! Three coins in the fountain, that is where they belong.....three coins in the fountain this isn't a very good song B et I need to update and don't know how.

    Stephen: You don't need tabs at all to find the coins. Forget tabs as far as the contest goes, has nothing to do with the ability to find them.

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    I have no idea what she meant by using tabs. I wish I did, if it meant making the search easier lol. I am one coin away and really sick over it.

    Ugggghhh.....I feel your pain! If my computer at home was working I would have already been done because I would have stayed up all night!

    Best of luck to you!


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      I feel for you guys. I know how it is.
      I found the first seven in like 4 hours, the other one? forget it.

      I hate to say how long I have been at this. I will keep trying though.
      An hour or so every single day! The funny part is, I get to a place I think
      I have never been and then find on I already have!
      Thank goodness I have some dogs to do, or my brain would be totally
      mush by now.


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        I gave up days ago. Good luck to ya all.
        Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson