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Chat BIRTHDAY Party for Animal Oasis

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  • Chat BIRTHDAY Party for Animal Oasis

    Hello folks, My friend Animal Oasis is from Wales waaaay across the sea. Her birthday is today, Thursday but she is off to see the puffins wherever that is. She said Sunday would be lovely for the party. We have a time zone issue tho I need help with. If it is Noon in Az central time it is six hours later there, and three later from the east I guess. Unless I go to church at 9:30 home around 11am I would not be able to oversee til noon, six or so there. She didn't mention anyone to email to invite so as ya know all are invited...I think the room holds 24 or so. Stephen knows the details on that. I think we should have a theme party since she is from Wales. So I think a masquarade party would be fun. Wear a costume. We can try to guess what you come as. Pirates seem popular, Be creative. Childcare will be provided by husbands. Food catered. This is a sophisticated affair. The Queen might make a special appearance!!!! Hush Hush or prince William, the cutie. Everyone MUST be on their best behavior. The USA reputation is at stake!!! I have not contracted a singer or band as of yet. Maybe Paul Mc Cartney. Or someone here. Eventually we will have a webcam! Then we can see eachothers' faces! Or masks in this case. No webcam yet that I know of. Future plans. Please RSVP ASAP This should be a Blast!

    THIS IS NOT A JOKE! This is a serious invitation. Honest. Ask Stephen.