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  • Thieves

    Customer had her dog in the back seat and her purse on the front seat with the windows many of us do that!! And as she came to a traffic light a couple of guys about 25yrs old reach in and grabbed her purse!!!
    They jumped into a van and took off she couldn't follow them cause the light was still red and there was cars in front of her and traffic coming the other way! She called the cops but all they can do is "make a report".
    So she felt bad she didn't have any money to get the dog groomed, but I charged it until next time, I know her real well.
    From now on if I have my windows down I will seat belt my purse in beside me. GEEeeee- Rotten thieves<<>> GET A JOB!!

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    For the majority of the time i keep my purse on the passenger floor. That is a shame. Its just something to think about and keep in the back of your mind. I hate people to steel. Death to them all. Society doesnt need that. Way too many honest people in the world.
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      I have heard of this as well. They (police) recommend you don't have your purse anywhere in the front, on the seat or the floor! I put mine behind me, if they can get past the 115lb german shepherd to get it I doubt they will have an arm left when they try to get it out. That would be an easy thief to find


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        WOW. what a wake up call for me. I always have my purse on the pass. seat. Not anymore. If they want it they will have to take my kid too lol. Trust me, they will bring it all back after about 10 min lol
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          Wow, that is horrible!!! My sister just bought a new mini van that has a special hook to hang on the passenger side console, which I thought was ingenious. Hmmm...maybe Toyota should rethink this gadget and where its located.


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            I rarely carry a purse, When I do, it goes on the floor under my seat. But anyone who wants to steal it is welcome to it. I keep my valuables in my pocket.


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              wow, I always have my purse on the seat beside me. I guess I will have to get out of that habit.
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                I'll be sure to pick-pocket Helly when I see her, lol.

                If it had been me, I'd have been grateful it was my purse and not my beloved DOG!!!

                Still the feeling of your trust being violated by someone in your community, driving down the same road,'s awful. I once had my car broken into, they stole NOTHING (I only had an old music tape in my jockey box, lol). It was a horrible feeling, wondering if I was being stalked, or if it was random---scary!

                On the upside, I also had 3 people slide into my car in one day (snowy day, slick parking lot), and all 3 people left notes. My car's damage was paid for, thankfully. The next year, someone else slid into my bummer. That guy, too, left a note. 4 out of 4, not bad. People are for the most part honest. I'd like to believe that anyway!

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                  I don't usually have a purse with me. If I go anywhere my hubby usually is driving, I give him the money before we leave home. After all, isn't that what hubby's are for, to pay our way (even if we give them the money) through life? lol
                  The times I do have to drive or go somewhere by myself, I usually just bring my wallet and put it in the glove box.
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                    I have considered the posibility of theft.

                    When I go to the bank to drop off dep in the nite slot I usually still lock the ca rw/ purse on the pass seat. I ALWAYS lock my van doors. I mentioned before I have a realators lock box on passanger mirror so I am never locked out of van or my house. Van Pass door always locked...not auto locks pop ups.Car is auto and requires a key to lock door after getting out.


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                      I dont use a purse, I use a "bag". It has a long strap that goes over my shoulder and across my chest. I have had it for a long time, and I am much attached. When I get into my car, I keep it on my lap. If, for some reason, I had it on the passenger side and someone took it, I would drive after them. I cant imagine my bag with someone else.


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                        Originally posted by SpikeyTheYorkie View Post

                        I'll be sure to pick-pocket Helly when I see her, lol.
                        Well, you're welcome to try. I didn't work a summer in the carnival for nothin', lol. One thing I did learn was how to avoid having my pocket picked.


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                          Well, that just stinks! My mini-van is kind of high, and I never leave the windows down more than about 1/3 of the way....... and my doors are ALWAYS locked, whether I'm in or out of the vehicle. As a hard working person, who has had to EARN everything I have, I get so enraged at people who pull this kind of cr*p. Theft of any kind, as well as vandalism of any kind including 'tagging', just puts me over the edge. So sorry this happened to your client, and it's nice that you groomed her dog anyway. :-)


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                            Boy do I have some stories for you!

                            A few stories to share.

                            When I was younger my parents had a pizza store. Of course, there was people out there that would have pizzas delivered to empty houses and they would come out with shot guns and robb the delivery guys.

                            My parents later bought a Dairy Queen. Lucky me! Free blizzards all the time.
                            Well one day my mom had my little nephew, 2 mths old, my mom was cleaning after they closed on a Sat night and he was there in his carrier with my mom and she changed his diaper. She suddenly had a funny fealing. She called my sis in law to come get her baby. Ten mins later she was there and took him home. Ten mins later my mom walked out of the back of the store. She had the money in a box and right around the corner came a guy and said in broken english," Give me the box, get in the car or I will shoot you." My mom threw the box at him as hard as she could which caused the box broke open. He bent down with his gun still on her and grabbed the money and the box leaving a few bills on the floor and ran. Never caught him.

                            Another time, same DQ. It was past closing time. My dad had the money in a box up on the counter. An employee came in and told my dad that she didnt get her paycheck yet. And he said I gave it to ya. And she said where? And just took his attention elsewhere where he went around the corner to look for it and she opened up the box and took the 500 bucks out and left. He realized what just happened when she left. She went to jail for 2 years and is suppose to pay my parents back. Yay justice served!

                            This past Nov, my purse was in the car right infront of the passenger seat. I was working overnights with my hubby at wally world. When we got off in the morning we walked to our car. I saw glass all over the ground and then saw the window busted. It didn't hit me that I was robbed until we called our bank and told us all the transactions that occurred during the 9 hours at work. I bawled my eyes out. 6 credit cards and all the hassle of identity theft later! Police didnt give a rat terriers rear end. Never caught the people.

                            Right after the first of the new year. I, still in california, called my mom on the phone. My nephew, now 6 same one that was at the DQ when my mom was robbed, was visiting my mom. I talked to him on the phone. Telling him about how I was robbed. Trying to give a life lesson to not steal from people. Showing him how much it hurt his Auntie Jackie! boho... He all said, I was robbed too! I said, What??? When? He said, oh when I was younger, at Dairy Queen. I was like ahaha you silly monkey.
                            Well he said when he took a nap that day, or sleeping that night he had a dream that he was robbed! Poor baby.
                            His parents live 3 hours from DFW in Oklahoma. My parents were going to meet half way and have dinner with my bro and his wife. On my bro's way home they stopped in another town. My bro runs a Uhaul so he was picking up a trailer. My nephews were in the back of the truck. My sis in law got out to see if my bro needed help hooking up the hitch.
                            My bro noticed my nephews making noise and what not so he went to see what they were doing and tellin them to calm down. When he got there they yelled. That guy stole moms papers! My other nephew said, no he stole dads medicines. My bro looked down and saw his wifes purse was gone. Saw the guy running and they hurried in the truck to catch him but was too late.!!!

                            I can't fathom being so evil. Sure I stole some earrings from walmart when I was little and told my teacher I bought them for her when I really didnt. But I was young, I didnt know right from wrong!
                            But from the experiences, no way no how would I steal from someone else.!!