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    Are these difficult to use? How different is it from a regular clipper? I'm thinking I'd like one for health reasons but I really don't know much at all about it. TIA!

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    It is heavenly! Virtually eliminates the need to back brush. It took me a little getting used to because of the vacuum hose coming out of it, other than that, piece of cake. Not hard to use at all and you simply use the right attachment to attach your favorite brand of clipper.


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      Love it!

      I love, love , love my clipper vac! The haircuts are quicker and easier and I love not being covered in clipped hair. It takes some getting used to at first and comes with a video.



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        I love it! You can get nice, smooth clips, and not have to deal with hair all over you or your grooming table. It's just very nice. You can really skim sanitary trims without even coming that close to the skin and yet get very close.

        Do you groom cats? I wont groom a cat without it!!!

        Tammy in Utah
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          Love it too

          I LOVE it sooo much I have a big one and the tote. Try buying the tote, it has same motor power, fits well and you just have to empty more. In summer the air vents do blow hot air into van, but in your area it isn't so bad. San Bruno can get chilly even in July. Ya know what Mark Twain said about SF. coldest winter ever spent was a summer in SF.Love SF tho.Best investment I ecver made for van.


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            i like the taxivac better than the clippervac. i've used both and currently have the taxivac and would groom without one.


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              clipping with suction

              can be a little different. Don't blame the unit for "not working" like so many others have, that actually couldn't get the "hang' of the suction.

              Each unit will be a little different, I've had 3 units (all at the same time) all clip with little variations depending on "suck" power.

              My big unit had big motors in it, and had a lot of poser, sometimes you have to adjust the blade for the length you want, using a longer blade.

              It's a trial and error thing once you have your unit, but like everyone else here'll love it!

              I have a model 1 in my rig, and a tote that I can take into shops as I bounce around at stand alone shops...yes I'm spoiled...wouldn't groom without it. I seem to have the Romani models, but the Hanvey is nice as it has a dimmer switch for less power /amps if you are mobile. The iVac is a clipper that can be hooked to either a vac system OR your shop vac...there again, performance depends on your "suck" power, some shop vacs need a dimmer or splitter switch for the iVac to work just have to try things out.

              Maybe there is a shop in town or a mobile groomer that will let you have a trial on theirs? Doesn't hurt to call around and ask.


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                Love vac

                I use the TaxiVac and love it. I think it's great that it has a totally adjustable flow, I think the Clipper Vac doesn't. For instance on a fluffy maltese I use less suction, on a thick coated mix I use higher suction for lifting the hairs. Most body trims I only need one pass, sometimes going a second time because it just seems one should, lol. I groom so much cleaner, faster, and better thanks to that great invention.
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  Thanks! Ok, this is probably going to be my first purchase...followed closely by a bathing system. I really like the idea of no hair all over ME. Hate those hair splinters and in a confined van...I don't like the idea of inhaling the hair either. Thanks so much!


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                    I have a CV's the best money I ever spent.
                    It does take some time to get use to, but once you use it on pads and Poodle will love it!
                    And no more hair or hot blades.


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                      Originally posted by Fluffy Puppy View Post
                      I have a CV's the best money I ever spent.
                      It does take some time to get use to, but once you use it on pads and Poodle will love it!
                      And no more hair or hot blades.

                      i love it too. and i really love it for poodle feet. i posted about this in another thread and it seemed nobody else used it for the poodle feet. once you get used to it , it's great.