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    ..and getting good PR.

    A debate/discussion on the local news (Fox 4) blogs led to a suggestion from a fellow blogger. We were discussing the increase in dog bites during the summer months, and I posted suggestions for how to AVOID dog bites--both for the owner and potential "victim". This other blogger said it could be a good thing to do classes in libraries, community centers, church groups, Scouts, even schools (not in summer obviously) in how to be safe around dogs AND how to decrease the likelihood of their dog biting someone.

    I'd also pointed out that most bites are NOT from large powerful dogs (although the media would have us believe that) but from little tiny "Angel" and "Cuddles". That it's NOT usually "abuse" that makes dogs aggressive but overly "loving" them. Not setting boundaries with puppies from day one; coddling fearful dogs, rather than ignoring the fear behavior and giving the dog something else to focus on and earn praise.....

    Another factor I pointed out was people making uneducated impulse purchases of puppies when they have NO clue what the breed is like as an adult. So perhaps a "what's the right dog for you" class would be in order, as well.

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    I wish that there was more people out there that say things like this.

    There have been a few dog bites/attacks, and now the mayor of Indianapolis wants to ban pitbulls. I don't understand why after all the people that promote the breeds on the ban list that they (politicians) don't start listening. I mean it is not the breed of dog. It is sometimes the owner, the way the dog was raised, the way it is treated, and sometimes the owner is a person that should not have even gotten these certain breeds. I mean especially since some of these breeds need someone that can understand and handle them the way they should.

    There will always be mistakes made, but I think that there should be more done to promote correct dog ownership. I mean people should have to go through a class to learn the correct way to take care of a pet. This should have grooming, feeding, and a consultation on what kind of breed that would be compatable to them and their family.


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      I do a lot of public education classes for non profit pet events in my community. Dog bite prevention is a good topic, but not many people show up. Its horrible but a kind of catchy title is necessary for many of these thing to get peoples attention. So for example " Dangerous dogs-Keeping you family safe" will get takers. Then you discuss all the same things you intend to pointing out important stats along the way. I am way pro spay neuter, so that figures into almost any talk I give. For example in the dog bite one I point out that most dog attackers are young unneutered male dogs and emphasize the importance of S/N. I do a seminar that is always popular which is "Solving canine behavior problems" and again S/N factors in for that too. I usually charge $5 which goes to the charity and I have promo materials there for my salon and training classes. If you decide to do this, you can also get quite a bit of exposure if you contact local news or newspaper.



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        I'd like to add something along the lines of community service/pets with this little doodad:

        About 3 months ago I received a handout at church entitled, "Preparing for disasters," and it listed many things to do to be prepared (72 hour kits, food and water storage, etc, as well as some classes we could attend etc.

        One of the things listed on it with a good long description was to make sure we have a plan of action FOR OUR PETS! This included have a stash of dog food with our regular storage of food. (You use what's in the storage day to day, always replenishing it. That way it never goes bad). So many people made a big hullabaloo about how animals were given the shaft during Katrina, (and they were), but the LACK OF PREPAREDNESS was the problem. WE, and only we, are responsible for our pets.

        WE are responsible for the care and welfare of ours pets, and if we aren't prepared, they will be left to be dealt with by somebody else, and that's not what I want for Spike. We need to have a plan of action in place should a natural disaster occur, or should there be warning that one will occur.

        Tammy in Utah
        Groomers Helper Affiliate


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          I admire you groomers......

          Oh, I think your are great for doing this service. I don't know that I could speak on the subject with such detailed info. A shop is a great place to offer this and community centers too. Years ago in san Mateo I tried to offer a "how to brush your dogproperly" free class and have people bring their dogs to community center...the officials eventually called me after my several attrempts to reach them and said no. Just were not interested w/ no reason. The bite prevention is even better. I think the humane society aspca should have something like that....maybe groomers can offer but they seem like they want it done bt staff only. Anyway the public gets informed is good however.BTW, My moms' name was Audrey...I like that name. You sound like a very caring person like she was. Tammy, ya KNOW we love you too.