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stainless steel snap on combs

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  • stainless steel snap on combs

    Does anyone use these?
    I have to Oster black ones, but these ones advertise
    as being stronger.
    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are.


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    I have heard both good and bad. They are smoother, don't pop off and I heard they don't fit well on the IVAC?! I'm going to find out on my own any way. Use a #30 blade not a #40. I have an andis on the clipper vac as well as the IVAC (when it gets back from repair....ugggggh!) We'll see!


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      I use the metal snap on combs and love them. I found that they go through the coat easier than the other ones and they don't leave lines in the coat.


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        The only negative that I have heard is that you can't change the 30 blade like you would w/plastic snap-ons because the teeth break off easily. You should order enough 30 blades to stay on each comb so you don't have to change them out. I am planning on ordering a set when I get back from vacation. Right now I have gone over my limit on new tools... I just got a Luxury Spa bathing system which I love and I ordered a new stand dryer which I can't wait to get!!
        SheilaB from SC


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          I have the metal snap-ons and love them. They definitely are smoother than the plastic and don't pop off. I have no problem taking them off the blade. I do not keep them on their own blade. I use the 30 blade and just pay particular attention and care when putting them on and taking them off. The only problem I have had is a dog bit my comb and that caused a tooth to be broken on the 30 blade. The other was a stupid move on my part which is that I set my clippers (with one of the snap-ons on it) on my table rather than hanging them on their hook. The clippers got knocked off and the snap-on took the brunt of the fall, bending it so bad, the plastic the metal blade is embedded in broke. That comb was toast. The lucky part is I had just bought a set of the combs used from a groomer that did not like them after one try. I wanted to have a spare of the combs and they arrived the day before this accident.
          Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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            I love them

            I have the Wahl combs and I like them except when then bend their teeth.

            I am clumsy in general and I seem to bump and drop my combs frequently which will cause them to bend their teeth. I can usually bend the teeth back into place. I dropped my clipper the other day which severly bent the comb. While I was trying to bend it back it broke the plastic. It still works on some coats but I need to get a new one. Now, if it had been a plastic comb taking that fall, it probably would have snapped a tooth off and been in the trash.

            I would tell you to buy them though. I really do like the finish they leave, the variety of lengths, the color coding combined with their storage caddy makes storing and finding the right comb easy.

            I have never heard that you can't easily change them out on a 30 blade w/o snapping teetch...I have no problems.


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              I love these combs!

              I only use them on regular clippers though - not on a vac system. I think the finish is smoother without the vac system. For my Ivac - I use plastic combs. I will say that ever since I got these combs, I have been using my Ivac less and less. The finish is amazing and they literally glide through the coat. Even small tangles do not faze these combs.

              Yes there are a few draw backs... You can not use anything higher than a 30 blade with them. Yes, the teeth do bend, and if they are not sitting right on the blade, they will eat the blade's teeth. You can only buy them by the set (I wish I could get a few of the ones that I use all of the time). Other than that, I have no problems with them. I actually have a hard time trying to muscle through my plastic combs now!


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                Remeber that Wahl will replace the bent or broken combs. You just have to mail them back.


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                  Love them love them love them, I have nothing negative to say about them!


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                    I use these with my Clipper Vac and like them a lot. I wish they came in more sizes though.



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                      They sit right in front of me.....

                      I don't use them because they are not very compatable with the Ivac. With Ivac you have to snap blade down firmly. I have broken too many #30 teeth brand new blades! AAAuuugh. I think an Oster on hand would be a better fit. I can't imagine a snap on without the Iv ac or clipper vac suction...but I will give it a try. I did like the smoothness when i did use them. I would not want to give them back.


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                        i love them. i have broke teeth on a blade when i didnt put it on strait so now i just make sure my clipper is not running when i put the snap on comb on.


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                          eventhough I use them with my Laubes' I was told you are not supposed to.

                          But, I love them!! Whether you use a 15 or 30 blade remember to ALWAYS use that size and not switch back and forth. This is save the springs in the comb.


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                            SS Combs

                            Well, I use then, with my iVac, never a problem...I do have enough 30 blades for each one to have one, still not a problem, sometimes I have to re-seat them, still not a problem. I prefer the finish I get with the ss combs.

                            Oh, on a happy note, Sue Zecco did inform us that as of late summer, the SS combs will be ready in single size packs, if you need to replace just one. Something the company did not anticipate in the beginning, but is coming up to speed on.

                            Since I got my set of ss combs my plastic ones are all retired.


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                              Lovin' them!

                              I have had them for about six months now and aside from learning their number sizes as they call them (different from the oster or duc) I have no complaints. I'm glad to hear single combs will be available soon; my 1 1/2 is starting to show signs of wear at the little metal attachment clips.