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  • Whats included in your price?

    Anals, ear plucking, ear cleaning, nails, clipping, special shampoo? Just wondering

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    But I word mine different:

    Aqua Massage bath with premium shampoo, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and filed, our signature Blueberry facial and haircut to suit your pets personality or breed.


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      Our price includes

      Anals, nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking, brushing, clip of any sort if desired, a bath with special shampoos if needed, fluff dry, and ribbons.


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        I have so many shampooos that I picked up from Davis for $2 a bottle at Intergroom that I use whatever I think I need. I do nails ear plucking, cleaning and the rest of the groom. I charge extra for anals.
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          Full service groom: Bath, conditioner, fluff dry if necessary, clip if necessary, nails, ears, anals if they need it, wash collar if it's dirty, cologne and bows or bandanna. Flea shampoo, tick removal (if more than a few) and dematting are extra. Extra charge for extra baths on really dirty dogs, too.

          BBN: Bath, conditioner, blow dry, brush, nails, ears, anals, tidy face and feet, sani if needed, wash collar, cologne, bows or bandanna. Additional charges same as above.

          And I don't demat longer than 15 minutes. If it can't be dematted in that amount of time, it gets shaved.


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            For me, everything but brush outs/matt removal, teeth brushing, and flea and tick treatments. I rarely charge a 'hard to handle' fee, because if they're that bad, I generally send them down the road. ;-)


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              Mini Groom: Shampoo, conditioner (unless oily skin), ear cleaning (pluck if needed), nail trim and file (if pet allows), express anal glands (if needed), trimming of face, feet, fanny (if needed), bow or bandanna and cologne (if desired).

              Full Groom: mini groom plus complete haircut or deshedding treatment.

              I charge extra to: express anal glands internally, up to 15 mins of dematting, wet shaving and for difficult pets.

              I will use the client's prescribed shampoo or other provided shampoo if they like, at no extra charge. Otherwise, I use whatever the coat calls for, and it is all-inclusive. I will brush teeth also at no extra charge, if they provide the supplies (I make sure they know this really does no good if they aren't brushing at home regularly).

              I am a mobile groomer, so they get a choice of only 2 grooming packages


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                Full Groom:

                2 shampooings (or more if needed, but at least two), hand dry, anal sacs, ears cleaned/hair plucked, nails trimmed, full haircut, bows/bandanna, cologne

                Bath n Brush:

                2 shampooings (or more if needed, but at least two), hand dry, anal sacs, ears cleaned/hair plucked, nails trimmed, bows/bandanna/cologne.

                If it's a pug or other "wrinkle faced" breed, I clean/dry the wrinkles as well.

                On some dogs I will include FURminator, other dogs get some light carding and a brush over with the Lava Stone (ie: Schnauzers) at no extra charge.

                Tammy in Utah
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                  Bath dogs:
                  Shampoo, Condtion, Blow out if necessary, shave, pluck,clean ears, trim paw pad hair,sanitary shaved, clip nails, bows, bandanas, cologne and for new customers one free extra service such as filing nails or teeth brushing or blueberry facial, paw pad conditioner, intense fur and skin conditioning. All over trimming is extra. Furminator is included if needed, no extra charge.

                  Dogs for haircuts include all the above plus a cut.

                  I don't do anals or flea dips or skunk baths.
                  On my fliers I offer all new clients one free service of either
                  paw pad conditioning, teeth brushing, fur and skin conditioning with Natures Specialties Products, Blueberry facial, coat polish spray, nail filing or nail polishing. I don' charge extra for special shampoos.