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    I want to put together a photo album for clients show different poodle cuts etc...Does anyone know where I can photos to display?

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    I would think you'd want to put photos out of your OWN work.

    I have a scrap book up on my front desk so that customers can see my work. I am not big into "artsy craftsy" kind of things, but I admit I got into it when I made my grooming scrap book.

    I have photos of a poodle I groom with a miami clip, and St. Bernards, I have "Extreme makeovers" and a "before and after" page, etc...and owners like to look at it.

    If you want other photos, perhaps the internet would be a good place to shop for photos that you can maybe print out or send to say, wal mart via internet.

    Good luck, sorry we didn't respond sooner!

    Tammy in Utah
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      I agree to but somthing together of your own work. But somtime you don't get a chance to do some cuts and want somthing to show owners so maybe you CAN get the chance to do them. The internet would be a good place to start.


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        If you want to show off designs of poodle cuts you haven't done or dont have pictures of your own doings make sure you get permission from the owner of the pictures you print.

        I bought some good poodle books which have great pictures of different cuts that can be done and always keep those handy in case someone wants to try something or if i need to point out a different style than normal. I am currently working on my own portfolio so that when people ask about a certain style of any cut I can show them.


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          I am opening up my own salon and want it to be unique than what is in the area now. I want it to have all the bells and whistles that you would find in a salon for people. I don't have any pictures of my own work as of yet due to being fairly new in the grooming industry but hope to get some soon. Since, this board is a wealth of information, I thought this would be a great place to ask. Thanks so far for the suggestions. Please keep them coming Duke


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            My best advice, take before, after, and headshots of each dog you do. You can also make notes on what blades you used. Clients love being able to see the work that you do and it may give them an idea to try something new on their pet. If you have any friends or family that have dogs you can put into different patterns, ask them! You get a chance to do a new pattern and the friends or family get a free groom. Good Luck!!
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