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  • Your Advertising Responses

    For those who advertise through various means this year, what has proved beneficial for you.

    Im also interested in your yellow page ads. I put a larger, more expensive ad in this year instead of just a bold line. Books will come out this month and im waiting to see what response I get.

    Has anyone benefited significantly from putting a larger, more expensive yellow page ad in this year as opposed to last? I know the best advertising is word of mouth, but just curious what other sources have worked for you?

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    My yellow page ad did NOT pay for itself

    I so regret the ad and the cost was near 300 A MONTH! i sent a return receipt signed to cancwl all further paid ads. I just paid 400 for a custom website but it will be less in the long runand hopefully more than pay for itself. I can't wait til Oct when the big expensive ad expires. I will still have a one liner free. I even get calls from phone book listings I get free.There are also free search engines you can get on. N. Calif would give a discount for first feature ad, then increase it the following year.


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      All of the calls I've gotten have been from finding me on the internet. I have a website. I put my listing in the free listing of and and Everyone who has called found me through the internet. So far, I've only put up 2 flyers in 2 upscale pet boutiques in my areas. Most of the grocery stores in my area don't have bulletin boards and I'm not spending for ads in the paper or phone book. Most people find their places online anymore. If you're not there, you're missing out. You WILL be found there somehow. My website is brand new, yet it's being seen. Why spend a lot of $$ when you don't have it starting out.
      Church bulletins are another option.


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        WEBSITE!!!!! I get all of mine from there or refferal. I have a small ad in phone book for 5 more months, waste of money. I will keep my one free line only!
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