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  • Help~Dog related Article/s

    I'm working on some articles to put up on my site and need some help

    first article is~
    Finding the perfect puppy. How to choose the breed/dog that is best suited to you
    (as apposed to grabbing the first cute fluffball you spot in the petshop.)
    I plan on writing this as a proper "article but need as much feedback as I can get
    so I don't forget & leave out important points.
    info, important points, websites, health. anything you think might be relevant to finding
    The RIGHT puppy/dog
    also info on adoption/rescue.. pros & cons , puppy mills etc.

    Second article
    How to choose a breeder.
    I would like to write this more in a "tips from the experts" format.
    basically have a list of "tips" from all of you explaining,
    how to find a good breeder, how to avoid puppy mill/back yard breeders, what questions
    to ask, how to make sure the "breeder is what/who they say they are. what testing to ask
    about, how to know if the papers shown are legit (testing & registry) Cost involve in properly
    raising puppies & why $XXX for a puppy is not a rip off from an ethical breeder. Why it is a rip
    of for a rare Pyrenese Labradoty....
    buying mixed breeds. Telling the BS from the truth (like they don't need to be groomed,
    never shed and are self cleaning and always have a fresh minty breath....and should Never
    be clipped, even though they have 10 inches of "felt") anything you think might be relevant.
    Please write your tips out as they will appear in the article. Professional looking, Clear. Factual.
    no calling the other guy a snot nosed poophead..... *G* I don't want to change the "tips"
    (but I will run spell check)Also your name & related business. if you breed (or have bred)dogs
    then the kennel name & breeds, if your a Vet tech add that info etc... if you do all 3 (or more)
    then add all. for instance mine would be
    Jenifer Watt
    Watt-A-Dog Grooming
    (14 years professional grooming)

    If I get more than 1 reply covering the same exact point I will pick the one that I think gets the
    point across best.
    Tips will be written with credit to the author included. By submitting your tips you agree that
    it may be published of course.

    Once im done, if anyone else would like to see/use it ill be happy to share the finished articles
    or I could even post them here for everyone?
    Id also be interested in any other pet care related articles anyone has that they'd be willing to
    share for use on my website. (I will make sure full credit is given to the author)
    You can send all your tips/comments/ideas etc to me through the IM on here or my email is in my profile