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My first really scary experiance ...

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  • My first really scary experiance ...

    To make it worst it was one of my favorite breeds...yes a pit bull. Until today I had never seen a reason to be fearful of them. Careful, yes, but not afraid. His name is Harley (original) and he is boarding at the kennel for a few days and the owner requested a nail trim before he went home. Sure no prob. He mentioned he had just recenly rescued him and he did not know how be would be. He loves people but cannot be near other dogs. I told him I would do my best but was not worried. He was such a big lover.

    So I got him up on the table and let him relax. He had no idea what was going on. I got him hooked up to the GH and pick up my clippers and let him smell them and what not. I went to go touch his back foot and instantly beared his teeth and tried to eat me. Thank god for the GH or I would have lost a chunk of my arm! " Ok" I say to myself. I stayed calm and went for the whole "dont let them see you sweat" thing. Acted like I was not scared by those big teeth and went to grab a muzzel. As soon as he saw that muzzel he went crazy on the table. Snarling and growling, hair up, the whole thing. I forgot how nasty they can look when they want to! So I quit at that point need to make this worse. It took a good 10 minutes for him to calm down and let me get him off the table. And then he was back to being his good old friendly self.

    His nails were not that long anyways so I dont feel to bad about not getting that done. I'm definatly going to tell the owner about that so he doesn't try some other place. He could really hurt some one.

    Anyways I just had to share. I still feel uneasy thinking about it.

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    Holy dog dodo!!!!!!!! Warn the owner!!!!


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      The real value of the Groomers Helper

      Dear Bully,

      I am so glad you did not get bitten. This exact situation was why I invented the system. What do you think a bite from this dog would have cost you in time, money and pain and suffering? Was the protection worth $99.95?

      The Helper is the cheapest form of insurance you can buy. Also, knowing when to stop was critical. Good job.



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        My own dog used to be the same way. Diamond was nasty for nails. I used to have to sneak up on her and tackle her with the muzzle. Over time she got MUCH better to the point of being an angle. Before I was a groomer I took her to a shop and they could not do her nails. Just like my avatar. All those teeth coming at you is scary.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          Good for you for knowing when to quit. Never worth risking a bite like that. I have 2 dogs I do that I have given up on nails. The owners understand.


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            Run away run away live to groom another day.

            I PMed Bullylover21

            Dear Bully,

            A smart Groomer absolutely knows when to quit. It is not whether or not you can finish every dog and cat but if you can survive every dog and cat.

            You said, "It took a good 10 minutes for him to calm down." Wow, that is a very long time to be agitated. This could have been a real tragedy. A dog like that can really hurt you. I am so glad he spent that ten minutes calming down on the table and not munching on you.

            Bully, I would like to ask some questions about the experience to help newbies or Groomers who may be on the fence about using the Groomers Helper. I do understand if you do not want to rehash a bad experience.

            But if you are willing here are the questions. Do you think that the Groomers Helper kept him on the table and away from you when he went for you? If he were just on a loop could he have reached you?

            Did he try to pull down your table or get out of the Groomers Helper? Did he bend your arm? Do you think being in the Helper calmed him down? Once he calmed was it easy to release him? Would you reccomend the Groomers Helper to you fellow groomers? Can I publish your answers?

            Bully, Sorry it happened but you survived to help others do the same. Thanks for your honest opinion an being a great example of knowing when to quit.



            He wrote back:


            When I Stumbled into the dog grooming bussiness, lucky for me, the GH already existed. I learned to groom with it, and I cant understand how anyone could groom with out it. I have tried not using it just to get an idea of what it was like before the GH.... IMPOSSIBLE! The dogs were everywhere! spinning and stepping off the table and of course they could bite me!
            So to get to the point yes I'd be happy to answer your questions...

            1) Yes, the Groomer's Helper was the only reason I was not bitten.
            2) Had he been on just a regular grooming loop, he would have easily been able to swing his head around and get me.
            3) Yes, when he saw the muzzle he went crazy trying to get off the table. He must have moved it a good 6 inches with all that tugging. It's one of those big electric tables too! But lucky for me he could not get out of it!
            4)No, he did not bend the arm. It was already a little bent from wear and tear but he did no futher damage.
            5) I wouldn't say the GH itself calmed him down, but I think once he realised that he could I not escape he just gave in.
            6) When he was ready to be relesed I just had to reach under his chin and press the snap. No problem.
            7)Absolutley! It's a must for every groomer!
            8) Yes.

            Thanks for everything!

            Thanks again. Chuck