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  • Trying to get my business info

    I am wanting start my grooming business back up, and I was wondering what kind of hours that daycares and boarding kennels have. In addition to grooming, I want to offer these services also. I also am trying to find out all information that i can on different kennels and daycare that I can before I adventure into these so I can give this business every chance it deserves. If any one can advise me, it would so be greatly appreciated.

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    I work at a boarding kennel/grooming shop combo. No "daycare". Our hours are Mon-Sat 8-6 and Sun 4-6. We used to be Wed 8-12, but that ended last year. The shop is closed Wed and Sun and is open during the kennel hours otherwise.


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      Think about accessability (msp?)

      most boarding places are open 7 days a week so clients can get their dogs dropped off and picked up most days of the week. Where I board my dogs when I have to , she's only open for drop off and pick up a few hours every morning and two hours on Sunday evenings. Daycare basically could coincide with grooming hours if they are retail hours (ie) 7 am to 6pm or so, to be open before and after your clients work hours. I used to do daycare but didn't really charge for it. I used to have lots of clients who would drop their dogs off in the morning before work (7:30 am) they get a groom , walk and playtime in the outdoor kennel and owners come back to get pups after work (anywhere from 5pm to 7pm) I didn't charge because I figured they were paying for the groom. Now that I'm grooming from home I dont' have as much kennel space.
      Daycare and boarding will also add alot more work, and the need for employees. One person cannot do all that alone. Not to mention think about your vacations....boarding is a vaction thing , so your vacation would be put off because you may be booked most holidays. Then your business insurance will change because you will have animals on the premesis(msp) 24 hours a day. It's alot to think about and alot of work but when you look at the money aspect it usually is more income in then expenses out if you have enough animals to support it.
      I've looked into it and am waying the pros and cons myself for my new shop because my accountant thinks it would be a plus for me to offer boarding. I have my lists and expenses/income sheets and a huge headache wondering if I really want to have employees for kenneling purposes( around here from what I've seen dependable people are few and far between)


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        i worked at a daycare and our hours where i believe...6 am to 7 pm. i know 7 pm but i think it was 6 am in the morning for people to drop their dogs off. mon-fri and sat was basically only a few hrs. not many people dropped off for daycare on sats. and sunday we were closed. now about the boarding....are you going for a tranditional boarding kennel? becuase if your worried about too many dogs/to little people you can always do inhome boarding if you can pull it off. this lets you regulate the amount of dogs you can take into your home, you can also say sorry im booked for the holidays, and charge what you want. theres no runs to clean, the dog is supervised 24/7 (if you have someone home all day), or crated when no one is home, gets one on one with YOU, etc etc.


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          Thanks for respomding. I have considered that there will be employees. I have already considered what kind of policies that I will have. I just wanted to make sure that I have the hours that my future clients will want.

          My other question is what kind of activities do some daycares have? I know that some of the high scaled daycares have pools for the dogs that like to swim, etc.

          I also plan to just start out with grooming and retail, then grow the daycare and so on.


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            No I plan on haing the traditional boarding kennel along with having suites that are decorated differently. You know like one is a forest setting or a tiki hut feel. The main goal is to make the whole facility have a homey-spa-like feel.


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              well some daycares just have all the dogs playing together and thats that. (thats the one where i worked at....smaller dogs werent neccessarily seperated from the bigger dogs...she just tossed them all together in the back room and the front office was for the smaller dogs that were content to just lay around and not do much). there was a BIG BIG con to this though,..,..TOO many dogs for 1 person to handle. at times there would be 20 to 30 some dogs....and thats way to many for 1 person to handle especially if you have a mixture of small and large dogs! now other facilities (most that i know of) seperate the dogs into size/activity level groups and keep the size of the groups to lets say....10 dogs to 1 person. they have scheduled activities....say....agility toys, some one on one training time, nap time, outside play time, toss the ball etc etc. heck i know i saw one doggy daycare where they had it in a parking garage with agility tunnels going down the ramps! that was pretty cool looking LOL!!! but seems some have scheduled nap times also. you can have many diffrent activities for the dogs....fetch the ball, go through the agility tunnels, movie time before going home (this way the dogs arent all wound up right before going back home), nap time for a couple hrs, taking the dogs for a walk through the woods (if you have the property to do so and plan on having an outdoor area) if you plan on having swimming pools (some have kiddie pools others have specifically designed pools that the dogs can swim in WITH a person there of course!), individual one on one attention time....theres tons of activites to incorperate into doggy can have races....or contests...doggy birthday celebrations...on and on and on! id just cruise around and check out other doggy daycares around the US and just see what they provide. i know the ABKA.COM has an area where you can find other pet services and those that are certified through there are on the site.
              Good luck!!!


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                Thanks. I will check into ABKA site. I don't know why I didn't think of it before.