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Who is good at photoshop?

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  • Who is good at photoshop?

    Okay, I need to come up with my graphics image for the trailer I bought. I know what I want and have the images, I just need them put together:-) Who can help me? I have photoshop but am totally brain dead with this program.

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    Gracy my son is really good at photoshop. i asked him and he said he can will help you if he can. you can pm me if you'd like......laura


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      I love my photo shop!!!

      it took me a while to figure it out but most is self explanitory and there are links that will send you to the help page on the internet. Though I like to do more work with tubes and fonts but if you want I can certianly give it a shot at trying to get what you want or at the least talk you through it. What version of PSP do you have?


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        Image Manipulation

        I'm pretty versed in Photoshop. I'm a photographer (and dog groomer) and do a lot of image manipulation with photoshop to set myself apart. Depending on what you're looking for I may be able to help you. I design all my website logos, stationary, etc. and everything for all my various business ventures (I just started a dog bakery too- I never feel busy enough!!!)

        Photography by Heather Lanell

        Pet Grooming by Heather

        Haven't gotten the treat website up yet, but it'll be done by tomarrow


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          OMG those prices are sooo low!!!!!!!!! What state are you in? Those are 1980's prices!