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Poodle throwing up a lot

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  • Poodle throwing up a lot

    All morning my std has been walking around, spitting up. I say spitting up, cause it's not like her is gagging and then vomiting, he'll walk around, open his mouth and more than drool amount of water comes out. Sometimes with a piece of digested kibble. He at at 8am, it's now 2pm. He went out for a good run at 11am, and came home and rested in his crate for about an hour. He had water available to him. He doesn't seem too distraught by all this, but it's starting to bother me. Should I worry that something is stuck in his throat that he's trying to expel and so he's producing drool to try and bring it up? Or maybe he drank too much too fast, and his stomach is just a little gurgley and he's basically dog burping and water is coming up with it?? Please ease my fears. Thanks.
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    Erin, I'm sorry I have no other advice for you other than to make sure you have a vet on hand that is open today (memorial day) such as an Emergency Vet, we have one here.

    I do hope ZZ is going to be ok. Will you please keep us informed?

    Tammy in Utah
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      Check his abdomen. Is it soft and pliable or tight and rigid? Does it seem bloated? When you put pressure on it does he act like it's painful? If you put your ear to his abdomen, can you hear gut sounds or is it deathly quiet? Is he pacing and anxious? Are his gums pink or pale? Or bright red and dry? Are his eyes bloodshot, or are they normal? Is he panting a lot more than would be normal, given the temperature? Is he coughing? Especially when he spits up, is it accompanied by a cough?

      If his abdomen is soft and pliable, not bloated, not painful, and his gums are normal pink, eyes not bloodshot, I wouldn't be too horribly worried.

      If his abdomen is rigid and painful, gums pale or red, eyes bloodshot, and no gut sounds, get him to a vet ASAP. He could have a blockage, intusseption, or GDV.

      If he's coughing and spitting up, it could be a respiratory infection; kennel cough.

      OOOOOOR, maybe he was playing with a toad? That'll make 'em drool, spit up, drool some more, spit up more.


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        Darn, can standards get bloat???


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          Yes, Bloat is present in Standards. It is best they are fed at least twice per day due to this.


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            Originally posted by baddog View Post
            Darn, can standards get bloat???
            Any deep chested dog can get bloat. Even dachshunds can bloat.


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              Ooooo, I forgot something. If he keeps spitting up and/or vomiting, you might want your vet to check him for Addisons.