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    Hello everyone.

    I'm 23 years old and have been grooming since I was 11(doing clients since I was 12) I moved to PR in '98 and have been oficially grooming to make a living instead of it being a hobby since 2002. I worked at petshops, a vet clinic, and the last 4 years from my home. Last Summer I took a course just to get my certificate saying I could groom as I noticed more and more customers asking were did I study. I ended up finishing off my summer giving clases to the non bilingual students.
    This past November I opened up my own shop near my home. It has gone great as we went from 500 sf to 1,000 sf in February. I earned my CMG in April.

    I have had clients tell me of another groomer saying I never studied and that I took an online course to discredit me. I have herd of others saying that I have not been grooming so long, others say I was saying things like "so and so groomer use sedatives or hit animals". things I have never said because I do not know if they are true. I have had clients tell me there stories about other groomers and trainers. I have clients say that their dog had never looked so good in so many years of going to other groomers. I have told clients that they way their dogs acted seemed as if they had been sedated in the past to be groomed (when I worked with the vet we would do dogs that needed to be sedated to be groomed and I know how they can react in the future I also do one dog from those days at the vet whose owner sedates her before brining her as she can not be done any other way but that is the ONLY dog I do lightly sedated)

    Ever since I opened up my shop my clientel list has sky rocketed and I have tons of weekly and biweekly clients. I also charge on the upper end for my area.

    I do have 2 signs up saying that we do not tolerate any discussion about other groomers in my shop.

    Have any of you had this happen to you? how did you deal with it or did you just ignor them and let your work speak for itself?

    I know I have had a few clients that just want to try me out but I'd say about 75% stay with us. and right now we average 4 to 5 dogs a day but we have had as many as 15 come in on a saturday. I personally do not like taking on more then 6 or 7 as I feel I start to loose alot of my quality time and work with some dogs. I am about at the point that I will need another person in the shop as my sister on her days off from school already takes on and does all the baths and my mom does alot of brush outs for me.

    I guess I just needed to vent as it seems incredible to me that after working 6 years from my home with nobody bothering me or my reputation now with my new shop I have had almost everything done.

    My sign has even been vandalized 3 times(first slashed with a knife, then painted and lastly stolen)... I'm in a very strategic area being right off a mayor highway.

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    Been there, done that. Really, you have two choices, ignore it and let your work speak for itself, or lawyer up. If you know who the person who is bad mouthing you is, you could have an attorney send him/her a cease and desist letter, which isn't much more than an "I know who you are and know what you're doing" statement, but it's often enough to put the fear of litigation into them and the bad mouthing stops.


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      when people say bad things about others groomers i just listen and don't say anything at all and try to change the conversation even though there has been some times that i felt i should say something i never do because i don't want any problems,i used to work for someone who was very abusive to the dogs and i've never said anything to anyone even when they mentioned that they used to take the dog to that place and that the dog acts like she hates it there (i know why i worked there for 4 yrs)but still i just keep quiet and just say that i will treat their dog as if it was mine and not to worry i guess that's all i can say to make them feel better.and about the sign don't worry i always say that what goes around comes around, i had some problems with my van they spray painted it,they threw eggs on it and food and yes it did bother me because i was late for my appts and because i had to clean it but i don't let that bother me too much because i have more important things to worry about.


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        I would not worry about what other people say. You know the old saying sticks and stones may break your bones. As long as your clients are happy. You can't please the world and someone is always jealous of you and will put you down to make themselves feel better.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          Congratulations on your CMG status quite the accomplishment. Like you've already said you don't say anything negative about anyone else so that's great I would never lower myself to someone elses level.

          Sounds like your work and pride in your work speaks for itself and people will know she is lying in the long run, or that they already know it is lies and that's why they repeat it to you to let your know.

          As far as another groomer in my area spreading outright lies about me, I certainly would have my attorney if you have one give her a quick ring and explain why it should stop. If it doesn't the attorney should follow up with a former letter.

          There's just no excuse for that behavior and I will not lower myself to people like that's level nor do I feel it would do any good to approach them personally due to their obvious lack of scrupples and morals.


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            We groomers work with hands, not mouths.
            A spy video camera might be a good idea to catch the one(s) who damaged your shop. Or even a fake one to scare them...


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              Sometimes it's just teenagers

              I have had eggs and ketchup and mustard squirted all over my van. Also had previous magnetic signs stolen. I do have an RV gate that is a tight fit but only put it in there halloween night. I don't want to squeeze up against the wall of the house and meet a scorpion, now that it's hot and they hide in the cinder block creveces. Lawyers are not cheap even for a LETTER. Hope it stops soon. I was going to buy a fake camera, as that can deter them but never have yet.


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                Regardless where or how you studied, you still qualified to pass your CMG. Don't let anyone talk over that. Talk is CHEAP!! You worked hard, studied, tested and passed. I agree whole-hearted with Helly, either let it go or go to a lawyer. Most the time this stuff goes away, jealous people can be mean but you should loose any sleep over it. You know how you got to this point and they don't. If it would make you feel better, write a short biography for your clients so that they have a history post it in your shop or put it in a newsletter. Include your experience, accomplishments and even your goals. Good Luck!!


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                  Ditto what Helly said---those are your best to options.

                  And...I would have your certificate showing your CMG status sitting out for all to see. If the clients say anything, you can just point to it hanging on the wall, and you can show them any paperwork you have if they really question it. Then just tell them, "I let my work speak for myself. Taking all those tests didn't make me a better groomer."

                  Tammy in Utah
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                    from whom did you get your certification through? we have a groomer here advertising shes certified through ndgaa, but is not. that will be address from them to her shortly!


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                      Been there, been bladed a few times by the competition. Yes, it is frustrating, but the proof is in the dogs. If you are skilled and putting the care & attention into the dogs, they look great & the customers keep raving about you & coming back every time, then don't let those other groomers get to you. A good groomer doesn't have to slag the competition. Just makes them look insecure, petty & mean. Which they usually are,lol. Good luck to you & keep doing a graet job. And hang your certificate on the wall.


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                        as most have stated ........why sink to their level?? good groomers threaten lesser ones and the only way they can deal with it is to use their mouths because nothing else will work. You know your a CMG and probably have the certificate to prove it!! Like it was stated hang that baby on the wall in a fancy frame for all to see!!! Don't sweat the competetion ...if you weren't a threat they wouldn't bother with you. and as you have stated your clients are proof of your skills and that is all that really matters!!


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                          I got certified with IPG, testing was held April 20 and 21 here in PR for the first time and I was the only person to pass all 8 exams succesfully. I am waiting for my certificate to come in so I can hang it on my wall and for the IPG newsletter to come out with my name in it so I can print it out and put it in plain view of my clients. (My certifier said it was ok for me to go ahead and anounce the CMG title and use it as I had passed all the exams and if anyone douted it before the certificate came they could contact her)

                          I guess what gets to me is the fact that I have worked for so long from my home and now with the new shop is when I have been getting so many problems.

                          I have pretty much ignored the situation, just putting out my normal adds but adding my years of experience and my certification and were I graduated from. in some papers we did a press release about my certification.

                          I am getting a client info package together ith lots of helpfull info and it will contain a bio of me. My website also has all the info on were I went to school and my certitfication.

                          Thankyou all for your incuragement and support.


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                            Mayra, you are doing the right thing with advertising your status. Soon, modify all your ads to reflect CMG after your name in the yellow pages etc. A brochure will help. Above all, DO NOT BECOME NEGATIVE ABOUT YOUR COMPETITION and change the subject when clients go there with complaints about prior groomers. I simply say " I can guarantee your pet will have a pleasant experience in my care." Your attitude needs to stay positive so you can focus on what you love. Eventually, these other people will give up once you become part of the regular competition. I would file a police report if things continue to escalate, but a lawyer will not help unless you know who is doing it and want to go head to head with them, which I don't recommend.



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                              It is sad

                              but you'll be laughing all the way to the bank, as they say. The sign stuff (and mentioned egged Van etc) would make me very angry. I think Helly had it right, ignore or get a letter sent out. Sometimes the letter is enough to have someone quit.

                              A neighbor had her car keyed by an ex-boyfriend, but he wrote in such a way that he didn't think he'd be implicated. She sent him a letter saying she knew he did it, and that anything else would bring about legal action. He stopped.
                              Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.