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I did Helly feet

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  • I did Helly feet

    I did this cocker today w/ a 4 a/o. When i got to the feet i used a 5f on the lower portion. Then i brushed up to neaten up. It worked well. By looking at the pics i can only guess she did something like this.
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    Helly feet

    I want to meet Helly at Intergroom so she can teach me in her might feet ways.
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      The Helly feet dose work well, doesn't it? I offically call and write on the notes as " Helly feet " to honor Helly.


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        Y'all are too funny. But I'm glad it's working for some of you.

        Lisa, it's not that difficult. Just practice, practice, practice.


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          I use it to Thanks Helly!!! My cocker moms and dads love it
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            What does a/o stand for? I use ATG for against the grain, but can't figure out a/o. Hopefully that was a typeo and I am not a complete
            BTW I call them Helly feet too!
            SheilaB from SC


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              a/o means all over.


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                HELLY FEET??????

                K, is there a picture anywhere of them there Helly feet???? I think they're what I'm thinking, but not 100% sure.



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                  There was a mention of a picture. I remember the thread where Helly described how she did the feet, but I don't remember ever seeing a picture. Does anyone know what thread it was in? I really want to see a picture!
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                    I think it was in the photo sharing section.
                    Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.- Richard Carlson


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                      There were photos that Helly posted on the old board somewhere during Dec., a few Cockers she groomed as I recall my memory, I think it was on the photo share.
                      I have a A.Co that I did a Helly feet Dec. 30th 06. She is coming next Tuesday , I will take a close photo for you.


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                        I'd love it if you would describe how to do it again for us new folks. Of the many things I dislike about doing Cockers I hate feet the most.



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                          I think this is the photo that Helly posted showing the closer cocker feet.
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                            All this talk about Helly feet, I must have missed something but now I really want to know!! The first thing I look at when I see a freshly groomed dog is their feet, I don't know why.


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                              Helly Feet "old" post

                              I found it.
                              Oh, I just knew this was going to happen. And it's one of those "I can show you really easily, but TELLING you is another thing." But I'll give it a try.

                              First of all, I'd suggest you practice on a few dogs that you intend to shave the foot, so if you don't get it right at first, no harm done.

                              Second, keep in mind this is a trick for dogs like Cockers with a full leg, where the hair is hanging all the way down on the foot. It doesn't work so well if you shortened the leg with a blade, like a 3 or 4.

                              First, hold the foot up and scoop the pads, as you normally would. But also make a very narrow cut all the way around the outside of the foot. Very narrow...1/4 inch at the most.

                              Slide your hand all the way over the front of the foot, and trim any hair sticking out around the foot with scissors...which I'm sure most of you do anyway.

                              Scissor the BACK of the leg only. Do not scissor the front of the leg yet. Leave more hair on the front than on the back. You need it to cover the top of the foot.

                              Now, here's the tricky part. Turn the foot over, so the pads are facing downward. Push all the long hair up, and hold it up. Pull up the hair between the toes. Use a #4 blade and shave the tops of the toes only. Don't go all the way up the foot, just shave the toes up to the spot where they are split. If you pull up the hair between the toes, you don't need to shave between the toes, but you can if you want to. I don't's too hard to work a 4 blade between the toes.

                              Comb the leg hair back down, put the foot back on the table, and scissor, with your scissors straight down, blending the leg hair, and beveling it into the foot, but no leg hair should extend past the top of the toes. Do it right, and the hair on the front of the leg will just brush the top of the toes, and the tips of the nails will barely peek out.

                              Does that make sense?
                              If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!