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Extreme therapy dogs at Virginia Tech...

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  • Extreme therapy dogs at Virginia Tech...

    I don't usually start threads but I thought this story was one that we all could love. I absolutely love the picture of Zadok and the students of Virginia Tech.

    It is such a great story but it makes me cry. I hope that Julie and Zadok have good Karma the rest of there lives.

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    that is wonderful.


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      This story is wonderful. I cried while I was reading it.


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        ...and there are people out there that wonder how we, as groomers, can work with "dirty dogs" all day long. I don't know about any of you, but they are my little bit of "therapy".

        What a nice story
        don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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          what a great story....crud, i need a tissue


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            What a great story! I cried too - thanks for sharing.


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              I had to make sure I wasn't leaning too close to the laptop so the tears didn't fall into the keys. Thanks for that story. I was "babysitting" my aunt and uncle's bundle of furry kids years agowhen I got a phone call from my mom late one night that the 2nd of our dogs at the time had been put to sleep without my being able to say goodbye. I sobbed in the kitchen and nearly all the animals came in to check on me.


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                RevWind, Speaking of crying...

                When I was around 10 years old my grandpa died and my mom left in a rush and I had to go to school. I cried all day in the storage/copy room because I could not go home. My mom didn't think his death would affect me so much. My grandpa and I were good friends, he had a great since of humor and treated my with respect like I was a jr. adult. I always wished I could have known him longer.