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My New Puppy Was Mauled..long

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  • My New Puppy Was Mauled..long

    This happened yesterday and I am now only able to type this. I was going into work, with my new puppy who is 12 weeks old. She has been coming into work with me now for a month. I had her on her leash, as she tries to pull me as hard as she can b/c she is so excited to be at the shop.

    As we walk in the front door, a chow is being checked in and in a nano second, the chow grabs my puppy and shakes her in his mouth back and forth for what seemed like forever. The owners and I tried for like 45 seconds to get my puppy out this death grip the chow has on her. My puppy is literally screaming, I have never heard anything like this before in my life. The owner yells, "I have my arm in his mouth, so he is not biting the puppy." Then why is my puppy screaming????!!!! We finally get her free and she is still screaming, I see puncture wounds, blood and she can't walk.

    I rush her to the nearest vet. At this point, I am inconsolable and sobbing. As I wait for the x-rays, the owner calls to see if my puppy has had her rabies shots, as his wife was bit by my puppy! She had just had her 12 week shots the day before, I then let him know that he has a very vicious animal! He then has the audacity to tell me that his dog is not vicious and that my puppy was the one that started it, by coming up to him. Now I am shaking and I tell him that he is out of his flippin' mind. I said how can a 12 week old puppy start a fight. He then procedes to tell me, that he will not be paying any of my dogs bills. I then lose and tell the S.O.B. to go to hell, my words exactly. He takes absolutely no responsibility.

    I then find out, that the vet I am at, is his vet and the vet techs tell me that this man with the chow is a state trooper. Great, one of americas finest! He seems to think that its my fault for letting my dog walk past his! Mind you, this happened so fast, had I known it was a chow, I would have picked her up immediately. We all know that chows can turn on you in an instant and this one did on a helpless puppy.

    As I wait for the x-rays, I decide to run back to the grooming shop to get this guys information---name, address etc...

    Now here is what adds insult to injury. I walk in and the owners are gone, but the dog(s), they brought 2 chows in, were still there. I look at the grooming shop owner and I ask why they are still there. She says that she is going to groom them. I tell her that she is out of her mind. Not only is this dog dangerous, by now she is going to put the other 7 dogs that are also in the shop to be groomed, in harms way. She then proceeds to tell me that I was at fault b/c I did not have my puppy in control when I walked in. I looked at her and said, "Are you dillusional?" You have been grooming for 30 years, you know better than to blame this on a 12 week old puppy. She then corrects me and says that she has been grooming 33 years and than things like this happen all of the time. Now yes, I am a new groomer, but I cannot recall while reading these boards for the past 6 months, anything like this! Plus she said that she would need to get the dogs on the table to see if they were really vicious!

    At this point, I start to feel dizzy, am I in an episode of the Twilight Zone? Why is it okay for a dog to maul a puppy and not call the dog vicious??? The owner then sees that I am now losing it and she tries to justify her stance by saying she is trying to grow her business. I then tell her that morally she is so way out of line and that I will have nothing more to do with her or her business.

    She calls me later in the afternoon and leaves me a message about wanting to know how the puppy was doing, like nothing had really happened. I don't think that she realized how badly my puppy was injured. Although no bones were broken, she had quite a few puncture and her front leg was badly bitten. She is on 2 pain medications and an antibiotic. She still can't walk yet and yelps in pain when I try to pick her up. She will be seeing my vet on Tues. for further evaluation.

    The vet that saw her said that next time, it will be a child that this chow will get. He also said that there is no way a 12 week old puppy could instigate or justify the chow doing what he did. He also asked me where the chow was and I explained that the grooming shop owner was going to groom him. His eyes got very wide and he shook his head and said, "Great, all in the name of money." He said that my puppy was so lucky and should make a full recovery.

    I am worried that my once outgoing friendly puppy will be scarred for life and will be timid and scared. I am also questioning whether I should continue at all with dog grooming. My confidence in people is so low right now...I wonder just what is becoming of humanity, taking responsibility and doing the right thing.

    Thanks for listening guys, I love ya all!

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    I am sorry that you had to go through this.


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      well hello! and welcome to the "twilight zone" lol ...its horrible the things that people are capable of...this guy is being an azz and so it that groomer! If a dog like that had attacked in my shop...out the door it would way would I let that kind of aggressive behavior go inside with my other lil dogs! wonder how it did being groomed? does she still have both hands? I would not risk it and yes, I would take the guy to court to recoup my losses..if his dog had been in control it would not have been able to attack either! I always have my clients keep their dogs away from other dogs when they come in..I have a huge reception its no problem for someone to go to the other side of the room...Im sorry this happened to your puppy, and yes he probably will be quite shy from this incident..however, keep him exposed and allow him to play with several dogs that you know are friendly, hopefully he will pull out of this with less "flashbacks"...good luck and get to the courts!


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        The owner did not have their dog under control. Cop or not, what he did broke the law (at least here in PA). I would make him pay the vet bills. I really hope your pup is ok. So sorry you had to go through that.
        If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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          Get statements from that vet, and take the owners to court! OMG how crazy and sad is these people! And the shop owner! If a dog was attacked right then and there, NO WAY and I going to groom that dog!
          Need to report that attack to the humane service and let them deal with it.

          Now your puppy, hopefully not, will be so traumatized!! I am sooooo sorry!!!
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            I'm so sorry you and your puppy had this experience. I hope she recovers without further incident.

            The owner of the chow is 100% responsible, IMO. And probably in the opinion of a court, too. And that's where he'd be seeing me. Write everything down while it's still fresh in your mind, and call an attorney for advice.

            And lets think about this. The owner's wife is claiming your puppy bit her, and wants to know if she's had a rabies vaccination? How in the world would she know which dog bit her, seeing as she had her arm in the chow's mouth? And how many 12 week old puppies have recieved a rabies vaccination? I'd tell her "No. Puppy hasn't had a rabies vaccination. And now she's showing symptoms, so you better get the shots yourself. And honestly, I hope they don't work. I hope they GIVE you rabies."

            And the grooming shop owner? Nuts! She's concerned about growing her business? Maybe she should think about how to grow a new hand or two. And she certainly should consider what effect having a couple of small dogs getting mauled in her shop is going to have on her business.


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              oh your poor lil sweet puppy,i hope pups ok,in my shop if this had happened that chow would of been out the door no way no how would i have groomed it


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                My 5 lb. dog was attacked as I walked out my front door at 7 in the morning, by a 15 lb. jack russell terrier. The screams that my dog let out were so awful, I was HYSTERICAL, it was so unexpected.

                I hit the dog with my fists and felt like a fly landing on her back. I finally had to reach down and PULL HER JAWS OFF OF HIM, getting bitten in the process.

                Did I report the dog/owners? YES. The officer asked if I'd like to press charges. YES!!! I wanted the owners to pay my vet bill, etc...

                The dog, we learned, had been "busted" for running around before. Ever since this time, she has been found on our door step at least 3 times. Thankfully we moved from that area. Irresponsible pet owner. She has MS, so she can't walk fast. So what do her children get her? A jack russell. Of all the stupid things. So she has too much dog.

                I can sympathize with your anger, fear, and frustration. It is so unacceptable to have people react like that man did with you. They will not be accountable.

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  1. report dog attack to animal control

                  2. if dof owner/cop doesn't pony up the fee's for vet bills, call his sergeant and make a complaint. Internal affiars can deal with him and they will

                  3. report shop owner to city that gave her business license

                  4. make a complaint with your local department of consumer affairs regarding the shop owner, the shop owner will have to write an explanation as to why she allowed vicious dog in her shop.

                  5. hold the owner responsible because the incident happened on her property. right or wrong it is her property and what do u think her insurance carrier will think when she allowed the animal to remain on premises after the first attack.

                  these things out to get some fur flying. if her only interest is building her business maybe she needs a wake up call. what will happen next time???

                  you could be doing another dog or a child a big favor...........


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                    Be sure to take pics of you pups injuries in case you do go to court.


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                      In addition to the above I would also:

                      1. First thing---MAKE A POLICE REPORT!!!!! Cop or no, this was a vicious, unprovoked attack. Do NOT mention this man's Law Enforcement affiliation as it has no relevance to the situation at hand. IF your local constabulary won't take a report make a report to Animal Control; and pitch a fit with the Watch Commander until someone takes a police report about the attack on your pet. Heck, make a report to AC anyhow just to document the incident.

                      2. Take photos of your pet, the reception area of the shop you USED to work in and of the area that this happened. See if you can get their grooming history from your FORMER employer; and, if they've never been groomed there before, call around to find out where they were groomed previously and why they left that salon for your FORMER salon.

                      3. Get a Vet's statement as to the severity of the injuries to your puppy.

                      4. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT everything. Who told you that the dog had a history? How long after it happened did you get to the vet's office? Have your vet sign the photos that you took as proof of the injury and treatment.

                      5. Sue him for every penny you can!!!!!!!!!

                      6. Quit!!!!! This is no place for you to work if your boss cares less about your safety and the safety of the pets in her care. It is an accident, and ensuing law suit, waiting to happen.

                      7. Contact all news outlets in your area with your documentation and bust their chops with the truth. People like this need warning signs!


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                        Good God! I am so sorry for you and your poor puppy.As manny of you know this dog attacking **** is still fresh in my mind.My week started w/a regular 4 weeker customer.I arrived at the house and the owner has a sweet,tubby toddler who just beams when I arrive.She smiles and says "Buddy bubbles"Not this past monday,she sees me and starts screaming.Mom trying to talk to me above the screaming and crying child tells me that she,and her daughter and dog go for a stroll.All of a sudden a Great Dane comes flying out of the porch door and grabs their dog in a death shake.The dog manages to get away and hid under a parked car.The little girl was tramatised by seeing her dog attacked and now dosent want him out of her sight.I cant say I blame her either.That poor dog was bitten every where,I had to dodge scabes all over the little guy.I agree w/all said and hang in there.Iam with you all the way!The MP's took that dog!


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                          I'd be looking for another job. The groomer you work with doesn't sound like she's willing to refuse a dog that is obviously too other-dog aggressive to be in a shop with other dogs around. What if the dog kills a different dog on the way out the door? So sorry this had to happen to your puppy. Hope she recovers fully and the owner at least pays your vet bill.


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                            omg. i hope you take all the good advice that has been given to you here. not let this pet owner get away with this.he probably has an attitude that he can get away with anything, but he cannot. he was definitely at fault. your poor puppy. i hope he will be feeling better real soon. and this groomer. 33 years has not taught her very well! i think you should be looking for another job, but don't give up on dog grooming because of this incident. things happen in every area of life and business that we will never agree with. and no matter what profession you choose, there will always be people of poor character as well as people with great character. we have combined, over 60yrs. grooming exp. where i work, and i can tell you that this dog would not be accepted in our establishment. if someone walks to close to this dog with their child and he mauls them, will this man decide it was the childs fault for getting in his dogs space. most certainly he would.


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                              How horrible!!!

                              I am hoping for a full recovery for you & your precious pup.

                              Like others have said- Let the court decide.
                              Tell your boss "See Ya - Wouldn't want to ever be Ya!"

                              And what ever happens in the legal part of this ordeal know that Some people should never have dogs.

                              There is a man around here with an assistant dog who has attacked 2 small dogs & the man still defends his dog. Most recently he made the paper in his protest about the dog having to wear a muzzle in public, instead of being happy the dog is still breathing. If this was a pitbull we'd all know the rest of the story!
                              OH Brother!

                              Again a full speedy recovery for you both.
                              Keep us posted.