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Opportunity knocking do I open the door?

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  • Opportunity knocking do I open the door?

    I had a very unexpected opportunity offered to me last night and I'm just not sure what to do. A local groomer saw my ad in the pennysaver (I'm currently doing housecall grooming until I can finance a trailer) and called me to offer a space in her shop. She's alone and has more clients than she can handle. I could work as much or a little in the shop as I wanted, the rent is dirt cheap (I could pay the rent easily with half a days work). I'm going to meet with her sometime in the next couple of days to check out her shop and talk to her a little more. I'm a little nervous because it just sounds a little to good to be true, and we all know what that usually means. I was on the phone with her for almost an hour and we have so much in common it's unbelievable. I guess I'm going to just have to wait and see what the shop looks like and talk to her more to see if it's going to be worth it for me. Anyone have any suggestions or opinions?

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    well...first off...are you going to schedule your OWN dogs working there or is she going to schedule them for you? how does this work as little or as much as you want going to work out? if she has more clients than she can handle...and she schedules the dogs...i dont know how you can work whenever you want? unless you give her a set amount of days a week you can work and which days those are? also...what happens with YOUR clients YOU have? do they come to the shop to be groomed by you or are they going to be kept seperate from her business?


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      Make sure you can schedule your own hours. Sounds good to me. Also, let her know your future plans so she does not feel like a bomb hit her when you leave.
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        Whatever you do, make sure you PUT IT IN WRITING before you start. Like, who do the clients belong to? Who pays for supplies? Who fixes stuff that breaks? That kind of stuff.


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          I'm not sure I like the idea just because you say you want to go mobile at some point.

          If you want to do it, like others have said, I would make sure to have everything in writting so it doesn't come back to bite you in the b**t down the road. JMO


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            Thanks for the replies I was going to meet up with her today to discuss the details of how things would work, but unfortunately my jeep has a major problem (3 of the 4 bolts holding the fan in place sheared off I was extreamely lucky it didn't come completely off and go through the radiator). She is aware of the fact that I am doing housecall and intend on being fully mobile in the near future. As far as my current clients the decision is mine as to keep them as housecall or bring them to her shop. When I do talk to her I will definately ask her about the other things everyone has suggested and ABSOLUTELY get it in WRITING.

            Thanks again everyone I will keep you all updated


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              I agree with Minou

              If your going to do it make sure you get everything in writing. Inclulding whether or not the client's you do will be your client's if they want to follow you into your mobile.


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                After some long talks with my hubby and deep thinking on my part I really don't think I want to get tied up in it. Things are slowly starting to pick up for me with housecalls and I really am enjoying being on my own. I am going to meet with her though and let her know that I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing it knowing that I intend to be fully mobile within the next few months. We've spoken several times on the phone and she seems like a very nice person, so I'd like to keep open communication with her (so far she's the only groomer in the area that's receptive to even talking to another groomer). Thank you everyone for the advice and opinions


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                  I think you have chosen wisely. Good luck to you.
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