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  • Too funny, oay dog goof

    A neighbor with a ? chow mix, short coat, fairly fine boned but undercoat (yes could bite and gets muzzled since you asked) requests a bath appointment while we were out at an local event. I knew it was a long time, but it would be reasonable to do due to it's coat type. I look in last years book for her card to call and set it up (I learned the hard way NEVER book without book in front of me). I call and say I'm confused, I have her down for Friday June 9th at 4:30. She says she just spent a big Vet bill for teeth cleaning etc. today and not sure if she'll get the bath done afterall. Then she says well if it's in two weeks away it should be fine. I look and think, Oh dear I'm going out of town that evening so change it to 1:00 PM. We hang up. I think why did I book her then. OMGolly, I find I was looking in last years book. Hee hee. I call her back right away, catch her and we both laugh. She says, Yeah she'd written down the 9th Sat. but knew it was for a Friday.

    Funny. Another reason for people to bring their dog in more than once a year, the appointment might get confused with last years appointment.
    Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.