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"Tammy can you squeeze in this dog today...?

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  • "Tammy can you squeeze in this dog today...?

    I ask the receptionist, "What breed it is it?" She says she doesn't know, but it's "kind of a mess." Ok, so I'm picturing this little matted poodle, probably going to say "No, sorry" because I was already booked up.


    I have NEVER seen such grooming neglect in these 3 years I've been a groomer. I took photos with the animal hospital camera so I might be able to get them posted later. It was at least a YEAR since its last groom, but I thought two years. The owner said no, "We get him groomed every year."

    When they came to pick up, I showed them the PELT but they didn't even bat an eye. I knew this wasn't the first time. The dog acted as though he knew , this is gonna feel GOOOOD! We shaved him right down to his undies! He was a cute little bugger though. And they rescheduled for 8 weeks.

    Tammy in Utah
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    My first thought? "Well, of COURSE I can!" Ugh!!!!

    Anyway, you left us hanging, what breed WAS it??? A poodley oodley? At least it wasn't a matted pelt of nashing teeth...I've had those before.
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      Hope they show up again in 8 wks.
      What kind of dog was it? Glad you were kind and squeezed him into you day.
      I wonder what they would do it they weren't allowed to be bathed more than once a year? Grrrrrr, people like that make me sooo mad.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        I have a few of those I wish I could get rid of but I feel so bad for the buggers!!! I know there is one for sure never fails every marcjh the poor bichon is in ........must coincide with tax time or something ....It's cases like this where I really wish some owners would just get a clue!! This last time I asked the owner if he'd like to wear the pelt I'd just spent two hours shaving off as a hat and see how comfortable it is?? (if i'd only had a bottle of super glue handy)


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          Oh, it was a poodle, lol. Actually, I thought it was going to be some matted shih tzu or mix something or other, but when I walked out---I bet my eyes popped right out of my head and my chin hit the floor.

          This older couple had the dog and didn't seem to think much of it, but I had never seen a dog in THAT condition before, wow. Well, it came off pretty easily with a #10, I let the bather/apprentice do it for practice and she did a nice job.

          Tammy in Utah
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            Poor Pooch

            2 years ago I had an owner bring me 3 cockers . matted so savearly they couldn't hardly walk. I was so up set I called animal control. They came the dogs had no paricites and the fact that they were in for groomimg animal control could do nothing. but did agree to check on them at their home in 6 months.
            When the customer returned to pick up the dogs I took a deep breath and said we have to talk.
            I WAS STRIGHT FORWARD . I told them the condition of the dogs was inhumane. That had Animal control been called by a neighbor and they had found in their home in that condition not only could they have lost their pets they could have been charged with cruelty. I pulld out my appointment book and told them we are going to scedule you an appointmen. I expect them back with in 3 month. They agreed. I wasn't sure if they would show. But if they didn't I intended to make good on animal control checking on them. But yeah they have come every 3 months like clock work every since.
            They are nice people they love their dogs they were just CLUELESS.


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              oh i've seen worse

              when i was about ten i had a friend named Dorothy. They had a thing. You couldn't really tell what it was.....Poodle something, i guess....It was the color of a chocolate poodle.....anyway, it had matted hair about 1 1/2-2 feet long, and it was the size of a couldn't see it's face.....the first time i saw it, i told them they had to get it's hair cut......i wouldn't touch the dog. it smelled worse then an open septic tank.....i asked my grandmother if she would groom it......but she said she would never be able to do was 15 years old and never had a haircut!!! some people just shouldn't have animals!


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                Originally posted by goldiphlox View Post
                it was 15 years old and never had a haircut!!! some people just shouldn't have animals!
                Or somebody shouldn't have ever had children!!! 15 years no haircut. I can't imagine the number of dogs out there that live this way. How pathetic. I can't believe they would have something like that around and not be EMBARRASSED!

                Tammy in Utah
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                  The sad part is that they will probably not show up for their next appt. and you'll see them next year. I think people make an appt just so they don't have to hear you lecture them about how important it is to keep the dog on a grooming schedule, so they go ahead and make it but really have no intentions of showing up.

                  I had a guy walk in on Friday carrying a Yorkie that was a complete mess. It had a topknot in that looked like had been there for years...completely matted to his head. There were so many black eye boogers on his face that I couldn't see his eyes or nose. I was completely booked that day and just didn't have the energy to deal with that. I've found that the people who just show up carrying their dog and try to get in usually have the most matted messes with them.


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                    I bet the little guy feels so much better. It gets me when they bring them in like that and now don't shave him, I don't want him to look silly.


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                      Originally posted by amysue2638 View Post
                      I've found that the people who just show up carrying their dog and try to get in usually have the most matted messes with them.
                      Ain't that the truth!!

                      Tammy in Utah
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