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anyone have the hydro surge bath pro from petedge??

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  • anyone have the hydro surge bath pro from petedge??

    I am looking into buying a bathing system and saw this one. but wasnt sure if anyone had it or have a different bathing system, I just need a good one that can do big and small dogs, I use the bath master and hated it, it never work right,

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    I have one, works well

    I have a Hydrosurge Bath Pro and a Hydrosurge recirculating pump. I like them both a lot. The Bath pro can be tricky to use non hydrosurge brand shampoos in at first. The Hydrosurge brands dispense perfect, but it takes some mixing to find the right dilution for other brands.



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      I have it and I like it ok. It is great for bigger dogs because you don't have to wet them down/then soap them up/then rinse, so it takes less time. It also doesn't leave much soap on them so they rinse faster too. I rarely use conditioner b/c it takes too long to rinse the suds out so I just usually use the squirt bottle for that. But for the smaller dogs I usually don't bother because it seems to take me longer to fill up the reservoir with water than it takes to wet down dog and soap up. We don't have the attachment that measures the shampoo for you and sometimes I don't have a clue if I'm using the right amount of shampoo since they aren't suppose to be quite as soapy with it and I use different shampoos with different dilution ratios. The hose doesn't bend very well either. I remember reading about one on here that does but not sure which one.


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        I have both also. I have issues with both too. the wall mount you have to guess at for your dilutions if you're using shampoos other than hydro surge.
        the pump always bothered me as it collects the nasties in the undersides and would get a foul I would have to clean it and run bleach through it for awhile, then run lots of water through it to rinse well. Is there a perfect system? guess not...gosh we need to invent one!
        ps. how do you get yours unclogged? I've taken off the tubes..cleaned out the lil pins that the tubs attach to, but Im down to just 3 out of 4 working properly!


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          They get clogged?????
          I haven't had that problem yet that I know of. Yes that clump of hair and grit on the bottom can be gross but not as bad as some of the other stuff we clean up. There was a thread on here about how to clean one and I printed it off and tried to get my boss to get us some kind of owners manual since ours didn't come with one. They sent us an email manual in microsoft publishers and I can't open it. I meant to get my boss to call them and get them to resend it in another format but have been soo buisy have just forgotten. I guess I'll remember when it starts stinking again.
          I bout the powdered clorox 2 and tried to use it but it with vinegar but it didn't dissolve and just got all clumpy and stuck to the bottom. Then I was paranoid I wasn't going to rinse it well enough and get a dog's skin irritated.eeks


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            We have a Hydrosurge at the shop where I work. The owner bought it 7 years ago, and it has never failed, or gotten clogged. The only thing is the on/off control at the end of the hose has to be replaced every few months, but other than that, it just goes and goes....


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              Luxury Spa, Still on sale.

              I"ve seen that the Luxury Spa Bathing system is still on sale until the end of the month, $325.00 I've got one and it's good.