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URGENT- MA Licensing Hearing May 29

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  • URGENT- MA Licensing Hearing May 29

    Here is note from PIJAC, and they need MA residents that want to testify. PLEASE, don't everyone contact them, it's about MA residents first and foremost and time is of the essence. I have included a PDF flyer too (you need Adobe Reader free at If you know MA groomers, please advise them ASAP.

    Here is their note...MA just scheduled a hearing for next Tuesday on MA S 235, a bill to establish a regulatory mechanism for grooming. Also sets standards such as banning cage dryers even with timers.

    With Monday's being a holiday there is little time to get to people to testify so need phone/fax numbers and email addresses of people in MA that you would be confortable with appearing at hearing and testifying. If you know of people, please alert them and ask them to appear at hearing. They can also contact PIJAC.

    Need to respond to general concept as well as specifics such as banning cage dryers even if equipped with timers.

    Mike Maddox is reviewing and preparing PIJAC's testimony and can be contact ed at [email protected] or 202-452-1525.
    I can be contacted today at [email protected], 202-452-1525 or cell 202-256-6726.


    Marshall Meyers
    Executive Vice President
    and General Counsel
    Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
    1220 19th Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20036
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    Are they trying to be sneaky doing this right around a holiday? I sure hope lots of MA groomers show up at the hearing!


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      stephen, have you heard any word on the out come of this hearing? can you update us?
      thanks.....oz hehehe