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Does anyone like PetSilk?

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  • Does anyone like PetSilk?

    I love petsilk and I love their scents. I generally use their brightening since it adds the perfect amount of body and texture. Anyway... they are having the LARGEST sale that I can ever remember, it ends June 6.

    Almost everything is Buy One Get One even on the 2.5 gallons.

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    oh wow! I do love their liquid silk... leaves the coat so soft and shiney!!

    Gonna have to check it out!


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      Liquid silk 11.6 is BOGO.


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        Pet Silk is Awesome

        We purchased the Mountain Berry Shampoo, the eye stain whitener and the coat finisher recently. They also sent free samples of a liquid conditioner to put on after the dog is done. I thought the shampoo was the best shampoo I've used so far; the coat finisher is a good mild holding spray without the stiffness. The eye stain whitener is so-so. For really bad stains I like to combine it with Tropic Clean Facial scrub. I did like the complimentary liquid conditioner they sent, too. All products have a wonderful scent.

        Our customers loved the results on their dogs.

        We'll definitely order before June 6 to take advantage of the sale.


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          I went to their website, doesnt say anything about BOGO, nor does it have prices? Can you tell me where I can look?

          Also, if you know, how come they don't have their haircolor anymore?


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            pet silk

            Gracey, I went to their site and no sale mentioned? Just free shipping over $100


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              RainForest Shampoo is nice....Conditioner is nice(can't get it to be so thick,even after alot of dilution!) and yes Tammy,the LiquidSilk is very nice!


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                I don't want to list the sale products here since there are shampoo companies that sponsor this site and petsilk doesn't. If you want a list you can e-mail them or me and I will forward it to you.


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                  thanks Gracey. I talked to them today and they e mailed me a price list. Buy the way do u use petsilk when u r mobile?


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                    YES, I add Davis' quick dry to it:-)