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    Someone told me if I want to enhance my poodle's coat I could do flaxseed oil and vitamin E. Is this correct? I just bought some softgel capsules at the store. The Vit. E capsules are 1000 IU per, and the Flaxseed oil is 1000mg per. How do I give it to him? Dissolve it? Give him the pill? Pour the stuff inside it over his food? I also bought some Glucosamine and Chondroitin for me, can I give them the human pills too? It's quantity is 500mg of gluc. and 400 mg of chon.

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    I would just give it over some food, but you may want to make it a food they can't resist. Some dogs might not eat their regular food with these supplements drizzled over the top.

    As far as the vitamin E, it is a great antioxidant and good for healing, but I would prefer to give either flax seed or fish oil. I like fish oil better due to the Omega 6 fatty acids and the fact that they are great for their anti-inflammatory properties.

    The G/C can be given to dogs, but unless the dog needs these supplements (because of arthritis, etc) there is really no need to give them. I would not give them to a young dog, as it's really just a waste. They are great for rebuilding cartilage and if there is no cartilage loss, it really just useless. The fish oil will also help with the joints.


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      We used miracle coat for years on our shepherds and it seemed to make their coats better and they loved the taste. put in on the food (powder) and added warm water and it was all gone.


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        I like The Missing Link. It has Omega 3/6, plus flaxseed oil. The dogs love it just sprinkled on their food. If you want glucosamine, you can get that in the Missing Link Plus. You can bring out the best possible coat with high quality food, supplements, and proper coat care, but if the dog doesn't have a terrific coat genetically, it will only be the best it can be.
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          I don't think I'd give that much E. Seems like I remember it can be toxic in high doses or it interrupts the absortion of some other vitamins... something. I think the higest recommended dose is something like 400 IU.



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            i also use missing link. and i am very happy with it. my dog has a fabulous coat, and has never had any skin issues common with these little white fluffballs.


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              Missing Link or Mirra Coat Plus w/Zinc. Watch the vitamin e. Lvdobes is partially right-- excess e can leach calcium from the bones and cause brittle breaks.