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Another Yipeeeeee!!! Wahoo!!!!! Hurray!!!!!! I got the job

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  • Another Yipeeeeee!!! Wahoo!!!!! Hurray!!!!!! I got the job

    Right now it's three days a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and it fits my schedule perfectly so right now I won't have to work the day after I'm up to 10:00 pm doing my small business class so I won't burn out.

    I'm really excited and am back to loving grooming. The current groomer is staying through the summer and then I'll be on my own. We have very similiar methods and other than telling me how she does things for the customers she loves the way I groom.

    I thought it was just a second interview but she had already made up her mind.

    Yeahhh!!! Did five dogs today and boy did it feel great.

    Go me. I even got to try my thinning shears/blenders on my poodles head when I was done and it looked sooo.... much softer (not to mention she kept fusisng and I made a hole so it blended it real well) . I love this board I would've never thought of that and was never allowed to do anything different at the last place I worked. Yeahhhh!!!!!! I'm in heaven.


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    WOW, good job!


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      CONGRATS!! Way to go!!

      Have fun at your new job!


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        Congratulations and good job! Isn't it wonderful when you love what you're doing?
        don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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          You GO GIRL!!!

          Congrats and happy grooming


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            That is just fantastic! Enjoy your new job and happy grooming.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you because I remember all your horror stories from the other place. I hope this place is a lot better.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                sounds lovely

                I loved the "go me". Cute. It is rare to find such a great fit, but boy I understand as I think I like doing a lovely grooming job even more than I love the dogs. I worked a day and a half for a place that among other things wanted all poodle topknots chopped way off. So unbalanced, but they were adament.
                Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                  That's great! Glad to hear things are getting off to such a good start. :-)