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30% ??? i was insulted

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  • 30% ??? i was insulted

    Had a lady offer me a job this week and i was insulted. she offered me 30%, i supply my hand tools and she supply the shampoo bather etc. the Avg dog price is $40 at 7-10 a day. i know i've only been out of school since Aug but come on thats crazy. I think 40% wouldn't be to bad but who could live on somthing like that.

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    Does that include health insurance? No way would I groom for that.
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      I could see it if she supplied all the tools/equipment, health insurance, workers comp, etc. Actually the book from problems to profits says that's about the right % for groomers to get paid if there is all this other stuff supplied.. but it only works if the schedule isn't full of OAYs and if the average groom is a reasonable amount... and if there are enough dogs that there aren't any days where the groomer doesn't bring home anything (well.. FPTP actually says it's a salary income.. so..).

      I definitely can say you probably did ok turning them down. If you otherwise liked the salon, and can't find anything better.. you could try to negotiate.. but otherwise.. seeya!


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        Id be insulted too. Dont accept anything less than what you are worth.


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          Well, if you do 10 at $40, 30 percent would be $120. At 5 days a week, that would be 600 before taxes. If there's a bather and benefits, it could be a good starting point. I assume you would make a larger percentage as you gain experience.


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            I only made 35% at the first place I worked but they had someone work side by side with me for 3 months and we had bathers and brushers to make the job easier the top percent at that employer would have been 45% which I though more than fair with all the help you got, you could do more dogs per day.

            I supplied all my own equqipment and upkeep of blades, scissors, etc.


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              well, in your pm you said if I weren't 2 hours away, you would be on top of that!! its worth the drive! heheeheh (speaking of my offer of course!)


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                as fare as i know it was a straight 30% nothing extra or at lest she didn't mention it, only perks she pushed was she had shampoo and a bather, i'm not picky if there was some benefits to it it would of been a good starting point. i'm not looking to get rich but i didn't pay for school to start out working for nothing. her dogs started out at 30 but she said they avg $40 and 7 -10 dogs a day so on the low end of it 7 dogs a [email protected] $30 30% would give me $315 a week? that wouldn't cover my loan payment for NASH
                =0( anyone got an inside source for Petsmart? lol i wished they would call me back .....


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                  Don't do it, that's not a good deal. If it came with a lot more perks, it might be worth it, but 30% straight commission for a $40 dog is $12!!! I hope you can do them in 30 minutes or less!

                  If the prices were at say, $80, then 30% might be more in the money, but this isn't the case. Go work for Hairdevil.

                  Tammy in Utah
                  Groomers Helper Affiliate