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Is it gonna come back to bite me???

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  • Is it gonna come back to bite me???

    I can't believe I am actually doing it, but I am! I am cutting way back on my hours and days and my plan is to only be working 3 days a week now! I was completely booked and working myself 1/2 to death trying to get all these dogs groomed...I hired a p/t girl to help. She's been doing good at picking up bathing and drying skills and is wonderful with phone calls and appointments, etc. But still with her extra set of hands, I feel like I'm overworked and can't keep up with family things - house, mom, wife, church, etc. Soooo, I am officially cutting back. Now...How do I go about doing this? I have over 100 regular clients - do I need to call them personally or maybe send out a newsletter saying why the cut back and what they should expect and how now, more than ever, prebooking is extremely important. I always try to be personable with my clients, so is sending a newsletter tacky? I know with summer here, everyone is needing alot more grooming. Am I going to regret the cut back of hours this Fall when it starts to slow down some? With the cut back, alot of once a year and other non regular clients will be turned away. I am afraid it will come back to bite me in the tush. I would be appreciate any advice!

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    Raise your prices substantially...5-10 per dog across the board. No exceptions. That should winnow out enough that you can breath. Raise the OAYs to stratospheric want to hear a choke when you quote prices.


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      No, you will not regret it. It won't bite you in the end. Because you will be even in more demand. The type of clients you want are the regular ones who prebook. These type of clients will see you year round and seasonal influences won't be felt. The clients you will be paring off will be the irregular ones who are not your bread and butter grooms. I would print off something saying something about your new hours, encourage prebooking and that appts that are not pre booked will be first come first served. Just give that to them at their next appt and discuss it with them. Discuss it more with the people you want to retain. Also change your voice mail message stating your new hours. You might also want to think about dogs you will no longer want to service (like poundage wise) and rule them out. Sounds great! Good luck and enjoy yourself and your new hours.