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How much do i charge????

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  • How much do i charge????

    I was telling co workers at work that i was going to grooming school in oct. and we started talking about our dogs. well today i get to work and this guy comes to me and says as soon as your ready my wife says you can come wash our dog. can you do it tonight? i was like awesome. now heres the deal what do i charge. he has an 100 lb english bulldog (english are the tall ones right?) his groomer charges him 40.00 he said the dog sleeps in the bed with him and he likes the dog to be washed every 2-3 weeks but the groomer says its too much. so what should i charge to go to his house and wash him. i have the shampoo (kelco) and brushes and force dryer in my car, i would be using his hose and towels.

    also if he wants me to do it every 2-3 weeks should i or what should i tell him. i would love the money as i am saving it for grooming school.

    thanks for the input from everyone.

    i also had a man with a german shepherd ask me for prices. he had 4 dogs i could do when i go to his house. his shepherd and a friends shep and 2 goldens. the goldens need a trim and are alittle matted he said. and they live like 30 mins from me.

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    I would start planning what you would charge after grooming school, so you are not stuck with tons of client's at a low price. At the very least, I would take what a shop charges and add a housecall fee for fuel (per household). Bring your own towels to be professional and clean up after yourself. Add a little more for the one that is far away. Don't make it look two-bit, and you'll do great!


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      how often to bathe...

      as far as the grooming prices.....we cannot list pricing on this message board....but you can look at the previous year's pricing survey to get ideas for your area. The bathing however.....

      I own 2 french bulldogs and groom several english bulldogs on a regular basis. I bathe my dogs every week. If I let it go longer than that...they would be really smelly and prone to dermatitis. The reason for this is their skin folds need to be cleaned on a regular basis and can grow bacteria and yeast easily if not cleaned. Different people recommend different things. I was in the veterinary field for over 10 years and can tell you that bathing a dog every 3 weeks will not dry out its skin unless you are using harsh detergent and not conditioning the coat/skin after the shampooing. (imagine if we only bathed once a month) I have many clients who bring their dogs on a weekly basis and have no skin issues. (I do use all natural/gentle products though)
      I also recommend, to bulldog owners, that they clean the facial folds several times a week, as well as the ears.

      hope this helps


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        I'm a little concerned about the size of the bulldog. I think they're supposed to be about half that. I'd hate to see you injure yourself (lifting) before you've even started. The current groomer is not overcharging and many dogs get bathed weekly.

        I know we, as groomers, do lots of dogs when we first start out, that we would refuse to do when we're more experienced. What worries me about the shephards and goldens are (again) size. I'm sorry to sound negative, I really do share your excitement, and am happy about your school plans. It's just that I feel like mom whose kid is about to go out into the world without any experience, I feel like I should grab you and say wait wait there's so much more you need to know, lol!

        Shephards are a lot of work, tons of coat and strong animals. Without proper tub restraints... And owners are often 'unaware' of the extent of "a little matted" -- another massive job imo. There are tools and methods for making these jobs more manageable, but you need to be taught.

        Maybe it's because I didn't go to school, and didn't find this site soon enough...seems like I learned a lot of things the hard way. It's okay, I DID learn and you will too!!!


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          thanks everyone. Frenchie that helped alot. i will let him know. do you think kelco is harsh? i use that and best shot.

          CC thanks for your concern. i usually leave alittle sore after the sheps. as far as lifting goes i dont lift them anywhere. i use the hose out back or in the wash rack at my horse farm. i grew up with german shepherds so i am used to them. i also bathe the county police k9 dogs and they have about 15 dogs. they are all well behaved for the most part so i really enjoy doing it. my favorite one is the biggest lap dog. he sits on my lap when i am force drying him. kinda makes it hard to dry him but he continues to do it as he is licking me all over. hard to believe he is a partol dog. im not going to say i know everything i have alot to learn but i have been a bather since 99 just stopped working as one cuz i was not getting paid enough for the amount of dogs i was doing. (7.50 a hour) i have a few on the side that i do just to keep me sane. ha i love bathing for some reason ask my horses they hate me. but they are the cleanest in town.

          i do appreciate all the help you guys can throw at me.


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            I did a few dogs before I was out of grooming school and dread them coming back cause they want the same low prices.


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              Get a book

              You might want to get Notes From the Grooming table or a breed encyclopedia so you'll know your breeds when someone asks you to groom/bathe. An English Bulldog (now just called Bulldog by the AKC) is the short squatty one. The tall one is the American Bull dog and it's a wiggle master with tons of muscle behind it. Charge a lot because that dog can pull you under the water, LOL!

              Oh, those Goldens that are a little matted?? Expect a real mess and charge accordingly. Rarely does the owner say the dog is badly matted, usually the hair is smooth on top and they swear it's only a little matted underneath.

              Look at the 2006 price survey for your area and add a dematting fee. I agree with the others, bring your own towels and clean up after yourself.


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                Okay Razzle...I feel better LOL!!! I think the Kelco products are a good choice.


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                  thanks guys, i was wrong it is an american bulldog. i was just mixed up. i am going to buy a few towels. didnt really think of it. the 2 that i groom already leave everything out for me and i just show up and go to town. they are into the all natural stuff and always wanting me to try new things on their dogs. i leave my stuff in the car. they have 2 shelties and i have been grooming them once a month for about 2 years. i love it. im going to check out that price list. im not too sure if i will get the goldens truthfully i dont really want them anyways. well wish me luck guys i have my interview tomorrow morning with the grooming school. im soo excited.


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                    what grooming school did you decide on??


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                      baltimore school. it hard for me to travel away. i have 2 horses i need to care for after class. but this is just the interview part so we shall see if i make it in. they only take 5-8 people a class and book up quick.