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Soap-free shampoo w/flea treatments

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  • Soap-free shampoo w/flea treatments

    I have had quite a few customers tell me recently that their vet advised that they need to use a soap-free shampoo when their dogs are on either Frontline or Advantage. If not then the shampoo will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the flea prevention. I have never heard this before and I'm not even sure if my shampoos are soap-free (not even sure exactly what this means) and if not which are (I use Natural Groomer and they don't specify). My own dog is on Frontline and I've bathed him over the years in a variety of shampoos before I was a groomer and never had a problem. I usually just advise that the owner should wait at least 3 days after applying the medication before bathing.

    Has anyone had experience with this?

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    My local vet advises the same thing and suggests we use HyLite on those dogs. I really don't know if it makes a difference.


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      I know a lot of Tropiclean products are labeled as compatible with spot-on flea/tick treatments. And Stazko's Oatmeal. I'd just call the 800-number on the shampoo bottle and ask the manufacturer. I really don't think "soap-free" is the issue; it just can't be a shampoo that totally strips ALL the oils--especially not a Benzoil Peroxide type that goes INTO the oil glands. With Frontline, once it's permeated the dog (72 hours after application), is in the oil glands and wicks back out to the skin throughout the month, replenishing itself. Advantage is easier to wash off, as it just rests on the skin surface.


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        Hylyt (yes, it is spelled that way) is what Frontline has recommended for years. It is 'soap free' because it doesn't contain harsh surfactants. They had to add something to make it suds up as a matter of fact, just because people were used to shampoo sudsing up, and consumers just didn't get that is was still a shampoo! I don't like it for oily pets, because it doesn't stip oil off, at least for me. The mnfctr. is DVM Pharmaceuticals if you want to google it and do some research. IMO, if the company wants to push the product, they should be educating groomers on their product. In the clinic, we pushed it for home use, not professional use. I would still use your own products because they are meant for professional performance, not just home bathing. I find it best to recommend the client use the topical flea product each month, and wait a few days after grooming to apply. Then, you don't remove ANY product, and the pet still gets the full efficacy. If the pet has dry skin, you should be using a moisturizer anyhow. Advantage settles into the follicles and Frontline hangs out on the skin (unless these modes of action have changed in recent years). They need skin SOME skin oils to spread out and work. If you want the REAL answers, call the companies yourself and ask for advice. They are the ones who have done the studies and should be able to answer any questions.


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          Especially in FLA.
          Always soapfree with flea spot on products.

          The Best- Have clients' dogs groomed prior to the monthly application & use any shampoo. Then once they are home, or once the dog is POWDER dry you can apply it at the shop as a service to them. -No need to wait a day for the oils to come back- former thinking.

          Better- Groom the dog a couple of weeks after the spot on & use a soapfree shampoo. Ask the manufacturer what of their products are soapfree if it doesn't state it in the description.

          Soapfree- Think Dove "beauty bar" It doesn't say soap cause it aint.
          Think Cetaphil cleanser. Gentle soapfree cleansing.

          Also the mistake with these products many have made- myself included, is you must apply it every month or if you own a dog with flea allergies Bayer says it's fine for them every 3 weeks. EVERY month for EVERY dog. And cat.

          The flea does NOT have to bite the dog to die. Awe the beauty of this!

          Advantage use to work wonders for me but I let my flea problem get away from me thinking I could skip a month here & there & with no winter to speak of the fleas were just awful AWFUL recently!!

          Hope this helps


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            Yes, soap free does not mean detergent free, there is a difference.

            All of Espree's, Tropiclean and Petsilk's shampoo's are soap free.

            Revolution and the new Advantage multi can't be washed-off since they are absorbed into the bloodstream.


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              So the flea has to bite

              the dog if the product goes into the bloodstream? That's a big step backwards to me.

              Give me something I can use!


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                I've always been told 2-3 days before or after a bath or the product isn't totally effective.


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                  Vets best is a lot like hylight, not as expensive and claims to not wash off the flea products. Most dogs that can not tolerate another hypo can tolerate this one. Worth looking into. It costs us approx40-45 per gallon, so it is not for use on everyone.


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                    Originally posted by drubaby View Post
                    I've always been told 2-3 days before or after a bath or the product isn't totally effective.
                    I believe it depends on the product.
                    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                      I know with Advantage and Advantix the dog just needs to be dry. No need to wait days. I used to be a vet tech and we had a rep from Advantage/Advantix come and do a presentation with us and a question/answer session. Said fleas don't have to bite the dog. Within minutes of the fleas getting on the dog it pretty much imobilizes the fleas. All fleas should be dead within 12 hours. I don't remember what he said about shampoo as this was a couple of years ago and I wasn't a groomer so I guess I didn't pay that much attention to that part. Not sure about frontline which doesn't work fery well down here on our hardy flea population. It's been around longer and the fleas are getting imune.


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                        If you are grooming mid way through the month of treatment, then yes, use a soap free shampoo. If you are grooming on or near time for retreatment, then it isn't going to matter. The reason for the soap free is to NOT remove the product as it is oil based, if the product is about to be re applied then it isn't going to matter if the remaining residue is removed first.