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  • Its DEAD!!!

    I was booked solid for 8 weeks, I was able to get eveyrone in within 3-4 days max, most the next day. And now it is dead, completly, phone not ringing, 3 dogs booked for the WEEK!!!
    I know I have not groomed every dog in town but what happened?

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    my phone is not ringing either. I think everyone got their dogs done for the spring. I have 2 on for tomorrow and 1 for thursday that is it!!!
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      Start making phone calls. Start calling those whom you've not seen in over 6-8 weeks or those who were regular but you haven't seen in a while. Be polite and professional, "I haven't seen Fluffy in a while, and thought I'd call you while I have some spaces open and see if you'd like to book an appointment." One day I called 10 people, mostly voice mails, but out of 10, 7 booked, the other 3 I'm not sure about, as the receptionists take my calls, but I saw 7 of the 10 dogs on the books in the next day or two when I looked at my schedule. Making a phone call doesn't have to be scary either. If they went somewhere else, so what? They have a right to choose. If they had a problem, this is a good time to resolve it if possible.

      This really helped me. Oh, and I call all of my "new" grooms a day or two later to see if they were happy with it.

      Tammy in Utah
      Groomers Helper Affiliate


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        Well, at least around here it is the last week of school. So, possibly a partial explanation for your area? A lot seems to coincide with school schedules. Even in my town which is 95% retirees. Go figure.


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          Boy must be nice having a bather! (LOL)


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            Don't feel bad! At least you had 8 good weeks!!! The major thoroughfare bridge right by me is out and it has been REALLY slow!!! The traffic around here is so horrible now that I don't think people have any desire to come over to this area right now if they don't have to! I was going to move my shop out of my house closer to the dumb highway and bridge into a mall space and I am SOOOOOO thankful I didn't do that yet! The space is still available, and I can't see anyone moving in there right now while the bridge is out, so maybe this fall or winter!


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              If 80% or more of those appts 8 weeks ago were enrolled in an appt scheduling program, you really cannot be dead anytime of the year except for those in very severe winter areas, or seesaw seasonal resort area.

              I tell you Maddie got 80% minimum as an A or B in her Preferred Client Program and we never had a slow day, and LOTS of From Problems to Profits clients report to the same to me over 15 years now. In fact, MANY paid for airfare and hotel rooms to go to our seminars to learn this program!

              But it takes us 8 HOURS to train this as a management art at our seminars, but it works of course. We simulate people saying no I don't want to join and how to turn that around, and we all had scripts we practiced and we had to report to Maddie our success rate DAILY on the response reports you see in the book too for permanent. I mean seriously taken or you got more training and couldn't do it, you didn't work in client relations dept.

              Now some of you mobilers book a year ahead too and stay busy year round, whatever, make your number one priority a truly professional appt service and RARELY will you ever be slow.
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                Ah, Stephen brought up a point I missed. Pre-booking your appointments. If people like you they will pre-book. I have been SHOCKED at the number of people that book their appts. in advance.

                Now, before they leave, if it's a dog and client I really like, I will say, "Be sure to pre-book your appointment!" Or ask them if they'd like to pre-book their appointment.

                But before I started really doing that (nobody seemed that interested when they thought they could call a few days ahead), the phone calls helped fill those empty spaces. Don't wait for people to call, just be nice and polite and CASUAL (don't be pushy), and offer them one of your spots on your schedule.

                Tammy in Utah
                Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                  Remember, Holiday Weekend.

                  School is nearly out, Holiday weekend, and graduations. I had a cancellation cuz the kid is sick. It has been going around. Soon more will call. I get a lot of calls but some out of my area. Eeeeek 10PM news. Gas prices rising! TG I had two good cute Yorkies 3 streets away that saw my van. Gave em a lower price cuz I could walk to their house if I was so inclined. I guess people don't necessarily know I am near. I think I will employ a few kids to pass out fliers in my neighborhood.


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                    graduations and the holiday week-end have lots of people not thinking of grooming. I have so many regulars that it doesn't make much difference. In fact, I'll be grooming a dog for the dog show on Sunday, and my regular every 2 weeks dog on Monday. Easier on the 2 week dog than trying to figure how to fit him in, she always wants mid day, and she gets what she wants, hee hee, a $10 tip every time. Okay I know I agree treat all the same, but an every 2 week good dog, nice lady and nice tip. Holiday schmoliday, that doggies getting groomed mid-day.

                    You'll see, it'll pick up later. I agree with the problems to profits and Spikey. Calling reallys doesn't hurt as long as it is just inquiring if they wish to get the dog in.
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                      don't worry

                      I would think its a combination of the holiday weekend coming up, and
                      these high gas prices.

                      It will pass.

                      Shoot, I am just starting If I get three dogs a week, I am happy.


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                        I ALWAYS book the next appointment before they leave.........this insures your consistant biz!


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                          I have noticed my phone is not ringing too much this week either. I do have my pre-booked appts. but it's quiet otherwise. I dont mind the break, I really need it.


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                            When these times happen, and it doesn't happen much, I figure it's a good time to catch up on paperwork and other things I've been putting off. It never seems to last more than a day or so!


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                              Holidays and graduation are actually reasons why it should be busy but that's people, things can be different.

                              This SUNDAY our groomer is grooming our pooch Soleil. Fri and Sat were filled long ago so she opened Sunday due to demand, some people avoid the masses traveling and stay home and catch up on things like getting the pets groomed. She is now booked Sunday and we are in a bit of sleepy rural area.

                              P.S. The Preferred Client Program in From Problems REQUIRES you call. You are offering a COURTESY SERVICE, it's not an attempt to book an appt alone, you are HELPING them to keep their pets looking their best. It's a service and not self-centered intent (as some have thought). That's often what makes great 1 person or many person businesses, you realize that YOUR SERVICES ARE MORE THAN GROOMING. Businesses that only give me the service that identifies them without other client services to accompany it are quite average. If you look at our scripts you realize you are not dealing with a groomer calling you to get an appt out of you. We were required to to ask their opinion of their last grooming, how did it grow out, is the pet healthy right now, did they know we are offering ??, and in today's market we would have prepared our own flyer on pet food safety and asked if they would like us to reserve a copy for them etc etc.

                              That's how you call people and stay booked year round and the majority of our clientele stayed with us 20 plus years satisying 5,000 plus regulars and I would do the same in a 1 person business. Of course I've said it so many times, does your clientele see you as a groomer, or a businessperson that grooms? They are 2 different people entirely. The latter rarely gets a clientele you will ever have to vent about too. Honestly with thousands of clients not only were we always booked, they respected us to the point we never vented, I guess those type of clients went somewhere else because I know they are real. If you want to be booked year round think client services above and beyond the limitations of grooming.

                              I've been working with our fair new groomer for some time and it was a pleasure to have her call and say she opened Sunday for her loyal clients who couldn't get in this week it is so busy. Well, she's got my vote for the future and it's a 21 mile drive to her each way.

                              The great news is this really. The ball is always in your court, isn't that great. If you are slow and don't want to be, there is something you could have done about that. If you are busy, you did that too. That's what self employment is all about. Is reality happening to me? Or am I influencing reality and making it the life I want to live? Well, my business is a reflection of me so I will go anywhere to learn how to make it what I want through my influence. The ball is always in my court, and I could never be slow if that isn't what I want because I learned how to create "busy" just as other masters in business do the same and always seem to busy too. It's not a dice game. And if it doesn't go my way it's just a sign I need another lesson and it's OK, let's learn and grow, I am influencing my reality with a great business, extraordinary one, and the people will follow. That's the attitude I was given and that's why my mother didn't overwork, and we had plenty of willing employees, the place was happening, fun and the respect of the city was awesome, and they flocked to us and we could do 60 to 100 a day 7 day a week year round, and the staff executed it, it was an easy system. That's what she saw, she learned by trial and error as we had no books or seminars then on this and other topics, and reality followed. The ball is always in your court but you have to serve your clientele way beyond grooming by the words you use, sincerity, and service that helps them keep their pet looking great year round and then graduation, vacationing etc is NOT a greater priority than the pet's grooming, our service made the grooming seem just as important, subtle but important pyschology...this is mastering management.
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