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Town meeting and reference USA

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  • Town meeting and reference USA

    There was a meeting last night for small business in my tiny town.

    There were only 6 or 8 of us, but they had this young guy come in and
    speak. He was a wizz on business loans and knew a lot about promotion.
    We are trying to find loans to fix up the buildings on main street, to promote business growth here. He immediatly knew which loand the government
    will guarantee. Amazing.

    He said that mass mailing was the way to go with advertising, but to make sure that one side was color and one side was black and white.
    Evidently people see the black and white and tend to turn it over to look at the other side, where as if it is blank they just throw it out.
    There is acutally a guy that does this in town, so I will look into it.

    He also said that most states have a small business development center,
    and since your taxes pay for it, cosultations are free.

    You can also go to your public library and with their code ( you have to ask for it) go to a website called reference usa. It is FULL of statistics for your area, such as income levels, households that own dogs, horses, you name it, its there.
    Very informative.

    I handed out business cards. I found the owner of the hardware has a newly adopted Shelty, and another guy wants a dog. I gave him the petfinder site. He was so excited it was funny. Another lady has an elderly neighbor and she is worried about her dog. I told her to just tell her to bring the dog and I would help her out.
    I love small towns.

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    That's really awesome that your town would do something like that.
    I tried my local small biz. dev. center through a local college. Getting answers from them was like trying to pull superglued teeth. I gave up after 5 months. That's not to say every center is like that so I definitely recommend that people at least try it.