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  • Pacific North West Grooming Trade Show

    I went to the show on Friday, it was three times bigger than it was in 2006. I tried Geib shears until my hand was sore, and I got a few pairs that I had been dreaming for for a long time. A new K9-II too, thanks for Mr. Vold to bring one for me. Oh, and a huge surprise, I met the pretty groomer, Marlene Romani, she was so nice. She gave me many useful tips for using my clipper vac, too. Chuck was there and I said hello to him too. What an exciting day. Huge thank you for everybody who made the show came to reality.

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    I was also there on Friday in The WAG Booth. It was a much better show than last year. Spent lots of money and had a great time. Barkleigh said attendance was down from last year hopefully not enough to stop coming to PNW again But they do need to realize that we also would like the competitions and find us a place that will allow it.
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      NW Show

      was super , yes could have been bigger, but sometimes bigger isn't always better.

      Talking with Gwen, yes they are looking for another spot, and Micheal from Cascade has the parameters that is needed and he is looking too (for a better location) I think part of the problem is the timing and the locations.

      I was really surprised at the attitude of MANY groomers prior to the event...after talking to both Micheal and Jason (from Pacific sales) both said that they had had many groomers tell them that they just could not close down (or in the case of an employee-couldn't get off) on a Saturday...a big money day for most area shops. And then you hear from the groomers, that they would like a Sunday -Monday seminar...but did you know that satistatically Mondays are one of the worst days for a trade show? (Yep, I guess there have been some studies done) That most people will not give up the only day off they have during the week...actually from what I heard, Friday was the big day for most attendees, with Saturday being slower.

      Also talking with Gwen, the participation by groomers was down, so really it depends on how well participation is...AND if you can get vendors to come and commit to a vendors, no show. If the vendors are not happy then they won't be back, they are charged big bucks for a vendor spot, and if they don't make the bucks they won't be I guess it 's a catch 22.

      I do know that several local people are looking for locations, but here in the PNW the locations are the issue to a dogs in the ball room, or no dogs in the rooms...or too many other non-doggie promoters looking for large (10K plus square foot) locations...

      I think to be positive and hold a big show some attitudes will need to change on both sides. We probably won't know until the last minute next year if there will be a show. We didn't know for sure until Burbank this year! To bad, too, becuase it's a great thing to have locally for the grooming population.


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        The PNW is really awakening to opportunities and it takes time. But Melissa Verplank easily sold out just a few weeks ago here so perhaps that is an indication of what the region wants too.
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          Plushpuppy is PNW winner!

          [b]Greetings from Groomers Helper in Margate NJ![/b]

          As you know, we were giving away a free starter set to one lucky winner from the message board. This year's PNW winner is

          [b]PLUSHPUPPY - Miniature Member[/b]

          Remember that all members of this board can visit us in the booth and fill out an entry form to get a free grooming loop and enter the giveaway.

          [i]Next stop is Charlotte, NC and the NDGA show![/i]


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            I prefered Saturday than Friday, but I was afraid if I went to the show on the second day, there would be nothing left to shop. Sunday would be nice too, but again, if Sunday is the second day, I still will go on Saturday and waiting until the door is open.


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              Portland, OR, dog friendly

              Portland, OR is supposed to be one of the most dog friendly cities in the country. Why not look into having the show there, powers that be?


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                They are considering Portland

                Hi there!

                I spoke to Gwen about Portland and she said they are considering it. If any of us care to help they would like suggestions of places that might work. The turnout was less than expected, but I think the attandees got a lot more out of it than previously and it will keep growing. Thanks to everyone who attended my seminars! It was a blast! What a great vibe we had all weekend from the groomers we met there!

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