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Looking for a groomer in the Naperville Aurora, IL area.

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  • Looking for a groomer in the Naperville Aurora, IL area.

    i have a customer that is moving to the Naperville/ Aurora, IL area and needs a new groomer. She has 2 Shi-poo's. Mac and Jack they are pretty easy grooms and are good dogs. anyone in this area please let me know your info so i can get her the info. thank you.
    Dirty Paws Dog Grooming
    Decatur, IL

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    Try Havenshubby member her and email her a PM

    I liked her website and she is in Downers Grove. I know Downers is near naperville cuz i went to a private grade school, Avery Coonley in Downers Grove and had a friend from naperville. Check out her website.


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      We cover that area and would be more than happy to take them on. Our web site with all the info needed in or you can PM us and we can talk. If you do send them our way please tell them to let me know they were sent from you so I can contact you about what they like with their haircuts. I know how difficult it is to refer clients to someone new. I try to make the process as smooth as possible and keep things as close to how the clients are use to things being done ( as much as possible)