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Do you groom CVP dogs?

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  • Do you groom CVP dogs?

    I was wondering how safe it is to groom dogs that have a current outbreak of Canine Viral Papillomas. Seems it was in our doggy daycamp and numerous dogs all have it. I'm suppose to collect information to see how safe it is to groom them. One vet said, should be fine, just disinfect water bowls, another vet said, he'd probably not groom them in a high volume location with lots of elderly dogs and puppies. So I'm taking an informal poll.

    It sounds a lot like herpes to me, but I've only just started gathering information. Nothing I've found states whether once the dog has the virus if they are always carries or not. One read that way, but didn't state anything definate. If you have a great link with more info I can print out, let me know.

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    How do you tell a viral papiloma versus a wart or other growth?


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      In this case it has been diagnosed by a vet. Plus they are in the mouth mainly (the ones we are seeing), not too many dogs I know have warts on the gums or lip area. Very swollen and painful looking as well.


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        Haven't groomed one

        but my Hound had it. It goes away by itself, basically harmless. I would think grooming and disinfecting anything that went near the warty thing well would be fine. My dogs was real ugly cauliflowerish. My Vet said that almost all dogs that get out a lot have been exposed, and just that the immune system is low that it takes. This was years ago, and I was freaking out when I saw it, but Vet was right, it just went away.

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