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  • Clipper Vac & Ivac question

    I'm not comfortable using my clipper vac and the Ivac yet I keep playing with it but it leaves lines and using a 7f with the grain leaves them to short.What blade do you use for summer shave downs and how much suction are you using? I've been fiddleing with the suction on the Ivac it dosen't seem to make a diffrence where I set it it still makes a 7f to short and a 5f some times won't go threw the packed rear end of some of the dogs.How long does it take to get comfortable using Them?

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    Use a longer blade, and go in reverse. If there is too much "packed" hair under there, then you are either trying to pre-clip, which I find unnecessary, or you are not drying the dogs by hand very well. Clean hair clips muuuuch easier than dirty hair.

    You often have to clip in reverse with the vac. systems, it's just the way they work. I use a #4 reverse with the clipper vac and it's about the length of the #7, depending upon the hair. It takes getting used to. I don't usually go any shorter than a #4 reverse but occasionally a #5, I just don't care for reverse clipping because it's so short if you use shorter than a #4.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Clipping with suction.... different. It sounds like you have too much suction for what you are trying to do. Try using a longer blade. Not all Vac systems clip the same. A lot depends on the vac system and how much it pulls. (my big unit with 2 motors...when we switched out the motors...we replaced them with just a bit stronger gave the unit a different suck power...)

      The iVac is only a tool, it still depends on your suction/vac system.

      Try using skip tooth blades a little longer than your desired length...start out with 2x longer...if you want a #7 use a #4.

      I know a lot of people use their system by going reverse, but unless you are stripping a dog, I have found that it is much more problematic for a smooth clip. I mention this, because at Sue Zecco's seminar last week, she made comments on this very thing, and how hard it is to correct problems from using a blade or comb reverse to the lay of the coat...but many here would argue lets not go there. <g>

      Clipping with suction will depend on lot of what kind of dogs you are doing too. It just takes lots of practice...rule of ...if it's got straight coat...less suction. If it's got cowlicks or hair going in many different directions, less suction or no suction at all! Not every dog can have a great clip with suction. Fluffies usually do pretty good with suction as it lifts the coat that you are working on to "lift" also.

      guess not much help other then keep practicing.

      I personally wouldn't groom w/o my clipper vac...but that's me.
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        You can call and ask Marlene Romani, the pretty groomer in the dvd, I met her in the Pacific North West grooming trade show, she was so graceful and nice, really really nice. She gave me many good tips for using my clipper vac and she also told me to call if I had any questions.


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          Not much to add here except to say don't get frustrated and quit w/the iVac! I groomed for 20 yrs w/out ever even trying one and purchaced one because of all the raving on this board. In the beginning (after the new toy stage wore I honestly didn't think I would ever get used to it and almost just put it up. Now, I couldn't imagine grooming w/out it. Just remember to start w/atleast 2 blades higher or more and go down. I also like doing reverse clipping, you just learn by practice and time who this works on! BTW, I never used to use snap on combs and I use them a lot now. It has made grooming fun again because it is like learning all over (in a good way!).
          SheilaB from SC


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            Thanks everyone

            I am pre clipping the big hairy dogs. Being mobile it takes to long to completely dry them. I try to take alot of the bulk off first.Thanks everyone I'll keep playing with it.


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              I love

              my TaxiVac. It took a bit of adjusting, but ironically one of the benefits is no lines. I do housecall grooming and thus also have no cages etc. for drying. I found that I could bath some big hairies and start clipping down after a good but quick dry blowing out, but not completely dry. Just make sure to dry and oil the blades after, but saves lots of time. (I learned the hard way to dry blades after, darn). Certainly love the adjustable suction, as I find different coats work better with stronger or lesser suction.
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