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Sure seems like everyone else is going mobile but me :(

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  • Sure seems like everyone else is going mobile but me :(

    How do you guys come up with the money to start these things? I'm in the process of buying a home and then hopefully doing something like mobile or buying/renting a store. How long did you save up for it or did you just get approved for the loan? I wonder if I'd be approved for a wag'tails...Or would I be better off buying used? But I dont' think I make enough to qualify for a business loan

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    I got a home equity loan for my trailer.
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      I got a HELOC too, and just paid that sucker off 13 yrs early, thank goodness. I wouldn't do that again, it was an adjustable rate. PM katydid, she built several mobiles all under 10K each if I remember right. She was a HUGE help to me!


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        I used my home equity loan for a down payment and I make payments on the vehicle. For the Wagntails van i think it was only 5,000 down minimum.I started making money right away and never looked back. I am now to the point where I am getting rid of some dogs that are too big for me, or are alittle to far away. I had back surgery so I don't want the bigger guys for now. I also think I went to far out and am now going to cut back my distance traveled.
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          Since you ask how we each did it, I'll admit that I was very fortunate to have had an inheritance to tap, but if you really want to do this there are many ways to do so.

          You say you don't think you make enough to qualify for a business loan, but instead of guessing, you should put together a business plan and apply. See what happens ... who knows? Maybe you DO qualify!

          You can always start up with a used vehicle -- there are many used WagnTails vans as well as other makes of vans on the classified pages of this website. These should have plenty of years of service left in them and will certainly get you started. I did not buy my van outright. I did go with a new WagnTails. I financed it with $10K down and my monthly payment is just under $1,000. From the first month I was mobile (straight out of grooming school) I had no problem meeting my van payment and all my other business expenses as I went.

          If you are already a groomer and have your grooming equipment and the only thing you need is the van and insurance, and you are willing to go with a used vehicle to start I think you can probably get going with as little as $5,000 to $8,000. (Yeah, I know "little" is a relative term and I don't know your financial situation, but tell me another business where you can be up and running with the potential to earn $1,500-$2,000 or more per week (gross) for that kind of money?)

          The first thing to do is to put together a business plan and explore your options. Barkleigh had a financing division now that is specific toward the pet care industry. You should definitely look into that.

          Good luck!! No one gets rich working for someone else. Follow your dreams -- you will work harder for yourself than you would for anyone else and it will be soooo worth it!!



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            I don't own a home, so I could get a home equity line of credit, and I have no collateral so no bank would loan me money. I DID happen to have excellent credit from having a student credit card with a $500 max for about 10 years. I never maxed it out, thought admittedly, I never paid it down completely. I applied for a new one with my bank and asked for the max of 20K and they said SURE and here's a half-way decent interest rate too. I just put my Gryphon trailer on it at 19K.