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I got my Luxury Spa bather, please give me tips on how to use it efficiently!

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  • I got my Luxury Spa bather, please give me tips on how to use it efficiently!

    Okay, I got my Luxury Spa Bathing System and haven't had a chance to use it much yet (I was off on Fri and Sat). I have bathed 4 dogs w/it and I understand the concept, but it is going to be a little strange getting used to. For those of you who are experienced w/it PLEASE give me some input on the best way to use this thing and make it worth the money I spent on it.

    I bought a gallon of Best Shot's bathing system shampoo, and Grimenator to use with it, and I already use Lemon-Aid. What other shampoo's do you recomend using w/the system?. How much shampoo do you usually use? Do you drain the water and re-add fresh for a second shampoo on every dog? It was hard to keep reusing the same grimy looking water on a Bichon I washed, although he did come out very clean....(I understand the dishwasher and washing machine theory behind this product). What about their heads and faces, do you hand wash them and let them soak while using the system on the rest of the dog, or just oil the eyes well and go for it??? How do you tell when you have used it long enough and the dog is clean if the water is dingy looking? Do you do the cream rinse and/or vinegar rinse through the system????? What about medicated baths where the dogs have to sit for 10 or so minutes, do you even bother, or scrub them the "old fashioned" way? For that matter, do you let all the dogs soak? I let my dogs soak for 5-10 minutes now, do I still need to w/the system?

    Told ya I had some I am the type personality where I tend to make things a LOT more difficult than they need to be!! Thanks in advance for any advice and answers!!! I am straddling the fence as to whether I am going to keep it or ship it back. I really want to keep it, but to be honest at this point I don't see how it can bathe more quickly and efficiently and make a cleaner dog then I can! I am hoping that like my GH and iVac it will just take experience for me to find it invaluable!
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    SheilaB from SC

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    recirculating systems

    First, I only do a second shampoo on filthy dogs, all others come perfectly clean with one shampooing. By running the shampoo it is diluted sufficiently you can wash face, head and ears with it, without worrying about irritation to the eyes, no need to hand wash those areas. Most dogs are thoroughly bathed in 2-3 minutes. Still do the 10 minute sit with medicated shampoos.
    If the dog is double coated (shelties, poms, etc.), after I nearly finish rinsing the dog, I stopper the tub, squirt a little conditioner on the dog along with a little silicone (mat out,e tc), add a little more water and surge this mixture thru the coat, then pull the stopper and rinse completely.


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      congrats on your new purchase

      I used mine without recirculating the water to begin with. Then learned more & I now use it recirculating.

      I don't used as much shampoo this way but still use more than I need since I always have lots of suds indicating they didn't eat all the dirt they could hold. Think pacman.

      I use it with any shampoo I want to. I'd like to try the Best Shot stuff but haven't yet.

      I don't use it on the face unless the have dirty beards. Never around the eyes.

      The other thing I do is I rinse the dog extra well, then I run the bather thru a rinse cycle. Only after I know there is no more shampoo in the machine & the line do I fill the tub with some water & conditioner.

      This thing conditions better than I ever could by hand. If I had to choose between using it as a bather or a conditioner I'd coose to use it as a conditioner.

      I also rinse it thru again to remove the conditioner before shampooing the next dog or as a final rinse thru at the end of the day.

      And to clean the bather itself, I add a little vinegar & run it thru several times.



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        I don't use a recirculating system but I used to use a bathing system. It will not hurt their face or eyes to use it on them any more than it would by hand when you rinse, so long as you protect their eyes with your hand, or if you use drops that is fine too. I've never had a dog, in my 3 years of grooming have any problems at all with shampoo in the eyes. Remember, it is hyperdiluted shampoo, so it is less likely to burn/irritate than if you just diluted it in the bottle.

        Just my opinion.

        Tammy in Utah
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          Hey, I have the Luxury Spa too It's a great little system. You can use any shampoo and as far as the face I wash most of it except I do the eye area last that way if it gets soap in them it won't be there long. I rinse the eyes first. You don't really need to was a dog twice unless like she said if it's really dirty. I also wet the dog down for med bathes with the system then apply the shampoo by hand. I use a two gal bucket with the unit setting in it to rinse, that way you get a powerful rinse too. Just let the water run in the bucket while your rinsing. For cleaning my system I only do it maybe every 6 weeks. It might need it sooner but I'm a little on the lazy side.
          Have fun with it, It gets easy after you use it about a week.


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            Who sells it?

            Could someone tell me who makes the luxury spa system?


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              Originally posted by Dixie9 View Post
              Could someone tell me who makes the luxury spa system?
              I just know, I have one and love it. But really, they have a web site It was on sale for 325.00 but it might not be anymore. If not go to thier ebay store it's alway got a good price there. I got it for 299.00 It's like at dog grooming and just type in dog bathing and it should come up.