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  • amazing change

    Well it was time for Gizmo to come back.
    He is my sister in laws yorki, and he was just horrible last time.
    Spinning, biting ,screaming, you know the drill.
    Took me over two hours to do him.

    But, to my amazement, he was good as gold!
    He seemed to remember me, and just was an angel.

    She said she had started leashing him in the house, due to
    his hyperactivity. Sure did work. He was great on the loop
    and get this, even let me dremel his nails.

    And they say there are no miracles anymore.
    I did him in an hour and fifteen minutes.

    I got a new yorki in today and she was just as bad as Gismo used to be.
    Attacked the clippers so bad, I had to muzzle her for her own safety.
    They were happy though and said he would reccomend me to his brother.
    Plus his brother has two more. That makes six yorkis on my short list of clients. I guess I will get good at doing them.

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    At the first shop I worked at, they often called me the "yorkie girl," I was always doing yorkies. People saw Spike's face and would often say, "Groom my dog like that."

    There were many times I'd have 6 yorkies on my table in one day. The groomers would tease me, "Aren't you done with that dog yet?" as if it were the same dog on the table all day, lol.

    Yorkies are hard. I fully admit it. They are real brats. They are so spoiled, and most of the time their feet never hit the ground, they're used to being carried everywhere. Spike is great in the tub, somewhat difficult on the table (he likes his body facing diagonally from me, drives me crazy), and he is downright rotten for his nails. I'd say just under half the yorkies I groom are naughty for their nails. They're just bratty little stinkers. Congrats on your success with that little one!

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate


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      Naaah..... Yorkies aren't brats! I never meet a Yorkie brat either It's the owners who spoils them too much! LOL... j/k

      My beloved little Yorkie passed 2 years ago and he was pretty good at being groomed although at times, he could be a 'little pest'.

      I miss my little spoiled brat!


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        I have two and they used to be the biggest brats and actually I have only a few dogs now that come that are almost as bad as they used to be.
        Well then I started doing their nails every day, one day for 5 months..and now they are good as gold!
        Yeah, most of my yorkies are brats!


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          I have about 3 Yorkies that I groom and there is just one that is really a brat. Rascal, my daughters dog. He doesn't know what it means to sit still. Drives me crazy. I'm glad she is learning how to do him. I won't have to pretty soon Boy if she gets were she can do him start to finish I may hire her on! lol
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            yorkie brats? NOT!!!!

            I guess I just like yorkies. I do tons of them and don't have any probs. I dremel the nails on all of them, I used to do one that was a terrible biter; I finally fired her jerk of an owner. He thought it was funny when she ripped the nail right off my finger.


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              Depends on the yorkie, some are just high Yorkie tenses his entire body and clings to my wrist in the tub with his front paws, but g-a-g on the table.


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                I don't think yorkies are brats! I love grooming them and most of them are good as gold for me. Give me 6 or 7 yorkies every day and I'd be a happy groomer I guess I just have the best behaved yorkies coming to me lol.