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  • $2,000,000 Mark Broken

    Some groomers and to be groomers report back to us their progress with getting loans using Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler (the first of 6 workbooks in Grooming Business in a Box) from SBA, banks etc. We track the calls that are received.

    Today we broke the known $2M mark that has been received by career seekers and groomers expanding in the form of business loans or investors using a plan they created with our product. Wow! Blender time.

    We don't ask groomers to report to us, so it could be much higher, these are just happy people calling in on a whim. I am so proud of them and their perseverance to make their dream business come true.

    P.S. We are not talking a single $2M loan, but the money loaned to 17 product users. Some want as little as $25K and other $250K, usually $50K or less. It's probably much higher, but these are verified and the owner calls us.
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