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Did you know Martha Stewart was a dog expert?

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  • Did you know Martha Stewart was a dog expert?

    I was watching Martha Stewart while doing the treasure hunt and wasn't she show her guest how to give his little terrier a bath in a big metal tub on her set and drying him with a hair dryer.

    She was even trying to sell some silky paws or shiny paws all natural shampoo on the air.

    Stephen: I am not promoting licensing, but when you hear things like this it shows that to a lot of people that well anyone can be a groomer with just a little education. This is not the best example of that, but if our profession was vocationally licensed she would have never done this, most likely. Does she do people hair? No. It's all about the public's image of grooming, and I hope in the first state that does require licensing, the groomers WORK IT. Make sure the world of pet owners really really know just have fabulous you are not with attitude, but baffle them with better terminology, your credentials, what you mastered in detail, big old certificate framed right in view etc. Work it. Better fees can be justified, and less imitations of your work by non groomers.

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    Give us a break Martha...

    Oh yes... I could not believe her. Did you see that poor little guy when she hurt his ear.

    That is when I get upset. It makes it look like anyone can groom a cute little dog in a cute little tub. Fluff the hair with a blow dryer from 6 inches away for a half an hour, and wonder why your dog still has mats and still smells like a wet dog.

    I am suprised she didn't trim Sam's nails when she complained they were too long . But then again, "he does walk through the streets of New York"...

    Next thing you know, Oprah will be Grooming.... or.... maybe Rachael Ray...


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      What day was that on?

      My Mom is like a total Martha/Oprah follower! almost as if martha/ Oprah could could have their own cults.


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        30 minute dog grooming...

        Could you really see Rachel Ray doing this!?! Ya know how she can't talk wihtout flailing her hands around...I BET it would take longer than 30 minutes for her to groom!


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          I am dnot defending Martha Stewart because I personally don't care for her. However, I have seen her ringside a few occassions watching her French Bulldog, so she may actually have some dog knowledge. Just don't be too quick to judge. Even so, I really don't know why anyone would get bent out of shape when people who are not professional groomers wash or groom dogs. People without beautician's license do thing to their own hair as well as the hair of others all the time. Lord help us if the day arrives that an American citizen can't bathe a dog without the grooming police coming to get them.


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            It was on today a little after 11:00 am. Too funny, thought I was gonna crack up laughing. These are the reasons people go "how hard could it be"?

            It was a really small/cute terrierX, I'd like to see her groom that chow of hers in a bucket on her set.

            I would love to see Rachael Ray speed groom a Bichon that's months overdue for grooming.


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              whats the stink over? all she did was give the dog a bath!! anyone can bathe a dog! my mom used to bathe our poodle all the time, not groom it, just bathe it. that doesn't make for a professional pet stylist. thats just a home bath! big difference! (my mom did brush her out though and hand dry!)


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                Totally agree w/Fur. Having Oprah or Martha advocating living with clean, sweet smelling dogs will do great stuff for groomers. My average owner bathes their dog in between regular grooms anyway.

                (What in the heck does an owner bathing their own dog have to do with licensing????!!!!!!)


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                  This is only one of the many things Martha makes look simple. Most people who follow Martha do realize that everything looks easy when Martha's doing it, lol!! After all, if we had her staff and resources to 'set the stage', I'd bet we'd find things a bit easier too.

                  I also agree with the comment about her chow chow -- bet she wouldn't try that at home, lol!!!

                  And yes, anyone who encourages people to keep their pets clean, is working with us, not against. Also, just because I can rent the equipment to clean my carpets, doesn't mean I will. I'd rather hire someone else to take care of that.


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                    I just found it very amusing, not a big deal though.
                    It was just so out of her crafty, cooking type persona definitely just threw me off.

                    I don't think Stephen was saying it really has anything to do with licensing but more to do with how the public "views" groomers as less than professional and it it seeing things such as these that make them think just anyone could do it.

                    Also the importance of us groomers getting all the education we can and portraying a better image in the customers mind and coming across as the professionals we are and deserve to be treated as.


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                      We in this industry are blessed that most owners either don't realize or don't have the inclination to indeed 'do it themselves'. Grooming ones own pet sure isn't rocket science and almost anyone not physically impaired CAN groom their own dog. And do it Well. TG for us that most don't want to expend the time training the pet or perfecting their skills.

                      Being professional and getting respect is all about ones own attitude, ethics, knowledge, quiet confidence and demeanor.


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                        Originally posted by katydid View Post
                        Grooming ones own pet sure isn't rocket science and almost anyone not physically impaired CAN groom their own dog. And do it Well.
                        SOOO refreshing to hear another groomer say this. Now, don't anyone jump on me- I am not knocking our profession. We have a skilled trade and it's valued by many people.

                        But Geez already. I have many clients who bathe and even clip their own pets in between grooming. Have a few who do clean faces on their poodles in between coming to my shop. Several have professional clippers and snap on combs and do a decent, often GOOD job. And they know the safety issues. Power to them. Their pets are well-behaved when they come to me for grooming also.
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                          I think it would be one thing if she did the pads, sani, trimming, etc. This isn't something the average pet owner should try doing just because Martha did it on TV.

                          If all she did was bathe the dog, thats HARDLY grooming, in fact many groomers have bathers that do that part for them. You said she was selling something, they probably paid her a LOT of money to wash the dog as 'part of her show' and conveniently mention their product.


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                            I didn't see it, how did she hurt it's ear?


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                              I've seen owners clip their own dogs, but I disagree that they do a good job, lol---I am the one who ends up with the little fixer-upper. In fact, I've seen a few pets with HOLES in their skin because owners had tried to "groom" them themselves. Most of my clients do bathe their pets at home, and it does help, that I agree with.

                              But I don't think Martha Stewart is the first to be on TV showing a dog being bathed, either. Wont affect us a bit.

                              Tammy in Utah
                              Groomers Helper Affiliate