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  • what to do? what to do?

    man, Im having a problem ya'll. Im beside myself. As some of you know, I posted earlier about the groomer opening next door....ok, I have a groomer that works with me also.....we are extending our hours, going to open on sats and one late evening, probably on wednesday, just to close any doors open that this groomer next door might want to take advantage of...ok, the problem now is, the groomer working with me, has taken it upon herself to start calling my clients that have booked with me(she groomed at another kennel before my shop)to tell them shes at my shop now, or runs to the front when they come in to greet them! now, shes giving medical advise!! I freaked! I told her in front of my client that she is not qualified to do so and only advise them to see a vet. ok, i made that point, now shes leaving when shes finished, and not staying until her dogs are picked up!! now what? I hate to rock the boat too much, as I really need another groomer...we're booked about a week out with us now doing 16-20 dogs a day!! and groomers are few and far between here. Shes what I call a groomer, not a stylist. I've discovered there is a difference. A groomer just cuts hair, a stylist can create. She can cut lol
    how do I handle this without ending up kickn her out and sending clients next door that I can't take in? I really would prefer to keep the pressure on the other groomer next door til she gives up and goes elsewhere...but now this? so , now what??? decide to let her have her way? rein her in, and hope she doesn't leave? I really need help on this matter, 911~!
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    Ok, Hairdevil, what you said gives the impression that the groomer NEXT DOOR is calling your clients, when I know that you mean the groomer who now works for you is calling the clients, etc...

    That is messed up, and the part that irks me most is the giving vet advice business, that's just scary.

    I think putting things clearly in writing is helpful. I think telling her about not diagnosing, in a face to face manner would be a good idea. No need to be confrontational about it. Use the "ear infection" example. Tell her even though it is clear the dog has an ear infection, she should just tell the owner the ear is "Red and inflamed" or something like that...

    A LOT of people do this, and I'm guilty of it myself in the past, but some people just need to be told the reasons behind it.

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      Oh, Hairdevil, I don't know what to do, but I do know you will come up with some excellent ideas after all. I would like to think she just soooo wanted to help and eventually she went over heated, maybe she likes you and loves to work for you so much so she becomes that way. Maybe if you talk to her when both of you are calm down....


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        She's up to something...tell her from now on you'll take in the dogs from the clients and call for pick ups, have her not answer the phone, simply tell her you hired her to groom and not to worry about the phones and appt's. Lock your records, client lists ect away from her. Bottom line, if you can't trust her, it's not worth having her on board.


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          Wow, you do have a bit of a problem. Your other groomer giving medical advise, no way, no how should she be doing that. How long has she worked for you? Has it always been the policy to wait until the dogs that you groom go home before you leave or are you able to leave when your done? If it is the first you need to let her know she has to wait around until they are picked up. If it isn't that way you may have to live with it or make it a policy. Put things in writing if need be and have her sign it. Something like a contract.

          Hope things work out for you.
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            I agree w/the others, keep a very close eye on your employee, it sounds like she could cause some problems for you if she keeps on w/the vet advice and such.

            You want to be cautious about allowing yourself to get dragged down on the bad side of competition. It sounds like you are making some changes in your life just because of the groomer next door, that is fine, just don't get carried away w/it. I used to work for a lady who literally went nutso everytime another groomer set up shop in our city. She would change our hours, days opened, methods, decorations, you name it and she changed it. It got to the point where it was counter-productive. She was bitter about any success of the other groomer and nasty about any "victories" she had. In short, it consumed her.....just be careful not to get too carried away w/your competitive side :-)
            SheilaB from SC


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              here's how I see it....

              You need to keep a closer eye on your other groomer more than you need to worry about the one next door. Lay some guidlines down with your groomer , YOUR clients are off limits to her. She now has the opportunity to build her own client base not use yours. Unless she's a vet she does not need to be handing out medical advice and let her know if she continues do to so there could end up being legal ramifications. Not only for her but you also since it's your shop. As far as the groomer next door , some clients may choose to go to her if they can't get in with you , but what i've found is Quality is what keeps them on your waiting list. If this other groomer does not do a good enough job or have the little extras you do , your clients will be back , and just let them know Pre booking is the best way to go in the future so they know they will always have an appointment with you , a stylist and not just a groomer. The ones that think they will stay with her , may not be the clients you want anyhow. let her have the OAY or TAY dogs.


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                Wow, do you own the shop and she work for you? I would put her in her place nicely and explain that you do not operate like that. I think you are far too worried about this groomer next door...... Why stress yourself out about something you can not control. Let it run its course. If your clients like your services they will stay with you, as for the new ones let them try the new groomer out. This groomer may not be any good and you will get them in the long run anyway. When you throw yourself into trying to knock someone else down it usually comes back to bite you. Focus on your groomer and tyring to get her in line with what you expect of the shop. LOL maybe she is reading this and you won't have to say anything!


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                  Originally posted by hairdevil View Post
                  I hate to rock the boat too much, as I really need another groomer...we're booked about a week out with us now doing 16-20 dogs a day!! and groomers are few and far between here. Shes what I call a groomer, not a stylist. I've discovered there is a difference. A groomer just cuts hair, a stylist can create. She can cut lol
                  how do I handle this without ending up kickn her out and sending clients next door that I can't take in? I really would prefer to keep the pressure on the other groomer next door til she gives up and goes elsewhere

                  Okay, I'm a little confused, here. According to what you're saying above, there seems to be plenty of dogs for the groomers in your area, even the one next door...... so why is it you feel you need to keep an untrustworthy employee who does not meet or exceed the standards you want your business to be known for? Enlighten me, please. ;-)


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                    You need to stop worrying about the groomer next door and start focusing solely on running your business in a proud, professional manner. The best defense is a good offense. Focus on winning, not on "not getting beaten", Create an atmosphere that is uplifting and positive to work in. My guess would be that your groomer took offense to being reprimanded in front of a client like that and could be why you are seeing the reactionary act of leaving early. Why don't you focus on working as a team, get her to buy in on what is best for the business and what your expectations are. If you form a relationship where you help each other you will be better off than setting up competition within your own shop. Ask her what she needs from you to succeed, and tell her what you need for her. It is your shop, run it your way. But you can do that in a way that isn't perceived as dicatatorial. If she sees the benefits of this type of situation, then you have both won and you won't have to worry about that shop next door.


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                      nasty attitude

                      ok, to answer some questions..the reason I hired her was obviously to build more business. I've invested quite a bit of money in the shop since I opened last year. Im a single parent, with a 15 year old daughter. like everyone else, I have bills to pay , house payment to make and a shop to pay for. now, with that being said...I asked her yesterday to stay until her dogs were gone because I still had so many to get finished, and bath only dogs to get ready plus she still had 8 sittn there waiting to go home! the bather leaves with her, since she is her sister n law and drives here with her..she lives in the next county. She refused to stay and left. so this am when she came in, I went to talk with her and told her I didn't like they way she left yesterday and being disrespectful to me(by her attitude)..her excuse yesterday was that she had a 12 year old home alone and needed to leave. bull..that kid is home alone every single day! I told her that her personal problems were not my concern, that my concern is this business...well she told me that I was lucky she didn't scream at me!!! WHAT NERVE!!! I looked her sternly in the eye and told her,"if you ever scream at me, your shihtzu will be in the front parking lot!!!" to that she made no reply...just shrugged her shoulders...ok so 30 minutes later Im thinking, I hate working when the tension is like this, so I went to her and said," look, we will work something out that is fair to both of us, please don't feel like you have to walk around on eggshells all day" she looked at me and said," I don't walk around on eggshells for anybody!" I bout lost it! I looked at her like I was fixn to do the alligator roll on her!!! I told her, well, maybe you should start today then!!!! and left. so she finished, waited for her dogs to leave and said see ya monday! rofl Im thinking, this is not my type of co worker. She needs a shock collar on! LOL Im getn rid of her soon as I can find someone with some class...that my friends is like looking for a needle in a haystack around here!!! I was hoping to add mobile to my business and eventually go fulltime with it...I will look for a private investor! lol so what ya'll think of this alpha b%^&$!!


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                        wow girl, that sounds like a handfull you have there. I would hate to have to work with her! And her treating you, her boss, like that? No way. I think that I would get rid of her now to be honest. I can understand that you need her, but no one should have to put up with that prima donna attitude. Jeez, I sure hope that you can find someone to take her place...and soon!

                        Good luck!
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                          sorry it's so long folks, but it's good...i think,

                          I guess I'm not understanding what's the problem here...she's calling your clients to take them out from under you? Are you afraid she's going to get them all to like her and then leave with them? After your last post that's what it feels like, so then yes I would be upset. IMO, if you have an employee who's trying to make herself known to your customers that's not a bad thing, cause eventually she can take some of your regulars and your personal workload can be easier (that's with forward thinking of hiring other groomers and giving your regulars to someone they trust more than the "new guy").

                          On the other hand, if you're not happy with how she grooms I wouldn't keep her any longer. You have to be happy with what goes out your door, it has your name on it, even if you didn't touch the dog. Get someone in there who's style you like, or train someone from the ground up. Maybe the trick is to buy another tub and get 2 bathers bathing/prepping dogs and only you do the finish work, is that possible? If you have awesome bathers that don't have to be double checked, I'd think you'd be able to do 12 regular grooms no problem. That's not too far off your mark now.

                          Lastly, regarding her leaving early, why don't you tell her you're changing her to hourly. Figure out how man hours she's working now roughly, then give her a decent hourly wage, I bet you'll save money too. Then maybe she'll be a little more accepting of staying after her dogs are done. Not sure if this is allowed, but Stephen I'm sure would know if you can kind of "rehire" someone; i.e. give them a new job description, different pay scale (I wouldn't cut her pay though), make sure cleaning is included, staying til dogs are done, owners are charged extra if late picking up, and maybe she gets 100% of the markup for late pickups, etc. Get it all in writing, have her sign it, etc. If she splits on you, then I'd say you have the paperwork for the next employee.

                          One more thing, like Fur said, don't worry about the boob next door. Let her worry about herself. Don't see others as your competition, thing of them as your partners. You obviously have a loyal clientelle, and are a good groomer who continues her education (being on this board alone helps with that), so if you get a dog that doesn't fit you or your salon, if you know what she's offering you can send the dog that way, and vice versa. If she doesn't reciprocate, don't worry people will notice she's a hoarder and she'll get overwhelmed, etc. Be able to work with your peers, it's very professional IMO. I feel like I'm totally different than the other 4 or 5 groomers in my town alone. I think I'm ranked 2nd at skill, but the one who is 1st keeps the dogs there 6+ hours and so many people are not happy with that. So, people weigh their priorities and go with that.

                          You'll be fine. Focus on yourself, and don't stress about something you can't control...the other groomer. Don't wish negative things on her, you wouldn't want someone to do that to you. I'd say send her a hello card and a welcome to the area thing. You'll look great!
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                            I might just call her up and offer her a job! rofl Im so glad today is friday!


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                              What is wrong with groomers are we just a diffrent species. unbelievable how some think there are just gifts to the world. yes we do something special but were just people and pre madonas need to move on and do something else we are not the bomb. we are no one to give medical advise just give them an idea that it might be an infection or ?? wahtever it might be but a vet can help you since They went to school to do this. This busniess is full of b_ _ _thes. and that a nice word. Iam so sick of groomers to tell you the truth I dont think of myself as a groomer or a stylist just someone making a living at what I love doing at thats making dogs comfortable and happy. and doing a heck of a job.