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  • chalk

    What exactly is chalking and how do you do it. I have seen it for sale and i have heard they use it in dog shows etc...Any info would be helpful.
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    Chalk is used to whiten or darken body parts and coats.


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      Chalk is used to "blend"coat colors that tend to not be desirable. Perhaps a white bib on a terrier is rather prominant,you use a little chalk to blend the coat color to the rest of the body.Too much will come off on the hand of the Judge but a little will do the trick to enhance the beauty of your entry.
      Makes a Westie more white, a Scottie more black, a Norfolk more red....etc.


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        Not only is chalk used for coloring, chalk can also be used as a texturizer, say like in a Westie head. Chalk is often applied over a conditioner to help make it stick - such as Cholesterol. Chalk is also great to use just before hand stripping a dog. It gives you the ability to grab the hair better. See, now you know a few things to do with the chalk.


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          I don't have chalk at the shop, but I do have cornstarch that I use for instances on white dogs that I feel I've shaved a little too closely even though on some dogs it's a normal westie ear tips, or a white poodle's tail set, etc. If it looks awfully pink or black, depending on the dog's skin, just sprinkle a little cornstarch on it to fill in the thin parts and by the time it comes out the hair has grown in enough to make it unnoticeable to the owners. You get the idea...chalk is a little more sophisticated and comes in other colors, I just use cornstarch cause it's handy.
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