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Any groomers here from the central Fl area?

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  • Any groomers here from the central Fl area?

    Hey all,
    I am moving back to Germany and My Mom needs someone to bath blow and dremmel her ( My former) GSD about every 12 to 16 weeks.

    Poor Hexen (Mom's dog) is 9 years old and has had Hip dysplaisa from the time she was 6 months old and her paws are arthritic you can hear her leg joints cracking bad when she stands or sits in the front and back.

    SHe has a hard time standing for long and a hard time getting up and down( but she doesnt complain about that no whineing but is a little whiney and trys to pull away when it comes to getting her toenails dremeled. (She is much worse when it comes to clipping them).

    Mom is 75 with a bad back and knees and cannot handle bathing hexen herself.

    She is in the town of leesbug FL anyone on here close to there?

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    I live in Central FL!

    I am a new mobile groomer - in fact I just signed up to be on this message board! My husband is on his way back from Wagn' Tails as we speak with my new van! I should be ready to start in a week or so.

    I have family that lives in Leesburg! I will be doing some grooming in that area. Where does your mom live?


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      Give me a call

      Hey pooch paradise, Mom lives In leesburg.
      And also has a friend in the same park with a chineese chrested powderpuff that is also going to need grooming( I am giving the next groom in a couple of weeks).
      What is your policy on having the owners watch and or help if needed?

      Hexen can not help to get herself up on the table with her front feet anymore so either 2 people to lift her, a ramp or hydrolic table is needed. And she cannot stand steady for very long unless someone is there for her to lean on( Mom's job when I groom hexen)
      If you want to give me a call so we can speak and you can meet Hexen My cell is 703 953 5062. Or send me a personal e mail and I can give Moms house phone#.

      Her friends little girl ( Misty), I started grooming her on the table last summer when she was a puppy, Misty was 100% normal as a puppy starting out. And got calmer and calmer each time I groomed her when I visited, She did have a mobil groomer come to groom misty a couple months ago ( maybe 3,4 months). Mom sent me pics and I was not very pleased with the groom that was done on her. So I do not know how she behavied for that person. BUt for me she was good. The dog in the pictures are Misty, I didnt do the groom in the pictures!

      So if you can give me a call that would be great! I will be here at Moms until the second week of June and Mom wants we to bath Hexen 1 more time before I send My grooming equiptment over.
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        There is a fabulous Groomer in Leesburg, it is called All 4 Paws. She is a NCMG and loves big dogs. If you need the number e-mail me.


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          Leesburg groom

          I sent you an email Suzi!


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            gracy rose

            Yes I spoke to All 4 paws last summer just in case Mom needed to get her dogs toe nails dremmeled, they were SSSSSooooooo super nice and let me hang out and talk to them while My hubby was getting his hair cut. Thanks also for the recommendation.

            But I am assuming who ever Mom uses, her friend is going to want to use also. and I know her friend is going to want to be present while her dog gets groomed as well ( I think for the friend it is more of she wants to watch to make sure the dog is being treated right and then I would think once she is comfortable her dog is in good hands then she will be fine not being present).