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how do I get certified??

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  • how do I get certified??

    Can someone tell me how to get certified?? What are the benefits of being certified?? Where I live there are no requirements and I dont think many groomers are so any info will help I am kind of stupid when it comes to finding things or info on the computer. Also what does everyone think about about this--or does anyone else do this. Going into peoples homes and grooming their dogs?? good idea or bad??

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    Lots of info

    about certification on this board. Click on search then advanced and put in certification. I still haven't figured out how I would get the dogs for the testing, but otherwise might do it. IMO mostly it looks good to do it, and one learns a lot and someday licensing could require certification. There are 3 different certifications that are well known, and it would depend on what you want.

    I do housecall grooming. Again check the search button, and there is even a whole topic head here for it. It is a unique service. I am social and enjoy the customer interaction. I love the one on one at a place where the dog is comfortable. Sometimes I feel tired of the hauling in and out, but mostly consider it well worthwhile. You should be really confident in grooming as the owner is right there. Contrary to popular belief, without the dog wanting the owner to "take me home", the dog almost always behaves just fine with the owner about, after all, it's home and the owner is always about.
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      I'm working on Certification through NDGAA. lots of time and money required but well worth it. Arrooh is right the hardest part is finding dogs that are kept in breed standard cuts and have great skin coat and temperment, not to mention most testing arears are a few states away from me , and some of my clients are not comfortable with me taking dogs that far away for a weekend.
      I've passed my written exam , now I just have to work on the dog tests.


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        Currently there are no requirements that Pet Stylists be Certified but the day may come. It is a personal decision and one that I made a long time ago. I chose ISCC ( to certify with because, after looking the programs over and researching them carefully, I felt that ISCC had the most to offer educationally. IMO they still do. ISCC will take you where ever you want to go in Pet Styling and you can't go wrong with their program. I willingly loan my dogs out to anyone wanting to certify with ISCC IF we are at the same show together and I have my dogs with me. ISCC's standards are tough but the education is soooo worth it! Good luck to you!!


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          There's NDGAA (Nat'l Dog Groomer's Assoc of America), IPG (International Pet Groomers), and ISCC (Internat'l Society of Canine Cosmetologists). I've done a little research on all of them and also agree with Patty that ISCC looks to be the best and most thorough. I want to certify with them eventually. However...they take away your certification if you don't pay yearly dues to them. I think that's just crazy. I could see maybe retesting every 5 yrs or something, but you HAVE to be a member, or we won't recognize all the work and $$$ you put into getting your certification? Makes me not want to certify just to prove a point, lol. I guess NDGAA does it too, so it's not like they're changing that policy anytime soon. IPG you can certify and keep it forever. So I think I'm going to do that first and get my certification and then see if I want to go ahead with the ISCC part. JMO. If you go to a show, go to the ISCC booth and flip through their study, lots of info!

          To get dogs, just ask customers. You'd be suprised at how many actually say yes. Plus I offer free groomings on the dogs I use, or would like to use, even if I don't have a show planned for several months, this way I can keep them in the trim I want them in without the owners fussing too much. Plus talk about going to competitions, shows, and certification seminars to all your customers in passing, if they don't offer you their dog, at least they'll be impressed.
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            I am very impressed with ISCC ( ) and will hopefully start testing with them after I attend the Pet Pro Classic in Dallas this coming November (it's not coming fast enough! Then again, it's coming too fast, I haven't saved up enough tips yet!). My theory is, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

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              I just got certified with NDGAA. I'm 9 points away from being an NCMG. It was a lot of hard work but it was really worth it. In my case, I talked the NDGAA into coming to my state. I coordinated it with Marlene Romani to let us use her school. It took me 2 years but it was all worth it. I learned so much. I don't think it was too much money relatively speaking. When you consider how much money people spend on college degrees, I think it's much better. Peggy Harris and Sarah Hawk's were our certifiers. It was worth the money just to get Sarah and Peggy's input on my grooming. I've been to seminars and competed, but nothing compared to the critiques they gave me. I'm not sure about the other organizations but you've got to choose whoever is in your area and whichever one meets your needs and standards.