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poodle grooming- competition question

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  • poodle grooming- competition question

    Just looking ahead- I was wondering how many of you that compete with poodles do total hand scissoring during the competition, and how many start with combs and then finish by scissoring. Is one more frowned upon than another. Do the judges watch which one you do? How about on toy, or mini's vs. Standards?
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    Well I have heaarddd

    Novices can use combs. Higher difficulty, uses scissors.
    More credit/points whatever it's called -Use Sicssors.



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      Depends on the judge which method is preferred. I would say from my personal experience though that if there were 2 equal dogs one scissored and one clipped, the judges in most cases would placed the scissored dog first, so if you can pull off a full hand scissor well, do it. The judges do watch the competition. I personally prefer standards because they typically have better hair, but it is really personal preference.


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        I guess this is where you need to know your judges. Some judges prefer hand scissoring, while others, as long as the end product is beautiful, they don't care how you got there. Vero da Sylva was known to use combs...

        What you also have to keep in mind is that if you get into the ring with too much coat, you may not be able to finish your dog to perfection using only shears. These are the times when clipper combs are a must in the competition ring. I would say, if you get a judge who previously was a competitor versus a breeder/handler, you will be okay with clipper combs.