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sensible choice recalled all dry food

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  • sensible choice recalled all dry food

    wanted to let you know all of sensible choice dry food has now been recalled along with a few other royal canin foods

    i don't have the exact list look into it if you need to

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    I'm so sick of this topic (no offense to you). I am just going to feed Spike lettuce. GRRRR...

    Tammy in Utah
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      Tammy! lol be sure to wash it well, lol yes, its a tiresome subject, sad that it has happened, but keep it in mind when buying food! I hope they can get to the source and repair the damage done. I feel sorry for all the people that have lost sad


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        My sister has just started feeding her little pom people food. The food she had been feeding had been recalled. Her little dog is so old it's not going to hurt her anymore bying feeding her people food than it would by feeding her bad dog food.

        Tammy as long as you feed Spike lettuce you'll do ok, no spinach, remember that had been recalled once too.
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          My dogs are now eating a combination of dry dog food and people food --- you should see the 'happy dance' at supper time!!! I've spent more time worrying about and researching dog diets then I ever did my own....


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            One of my customers

            dogs had some clinical kidney problem signs right about the first re-call time. Yep it was a pouch. Then she switched to Natural Balance Venison. Dog is a picky eater. Then< Oh No, it too was recalled. So she's feeding her own cooking, and the dog has recovered.
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