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Uh oh, A dog got hurt in my trailer

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  • Uh oh, A dog got hurt in my trailer

    Dumb dog. somehow slipped out of the noose when I turned away and bent over to pick up the dryer he jumped out of the tub. He is a mini schnauzer mind you and my tub is waist high. He hurt his back leg. Took him a few minutes to put weight on it. Lucky for me the owners were very understanding and said his nick name is houdini (sp). Said he manages to get out of everything. I don't think he needs to go to the vet. They said they would watch him. He was limping a bit, but never yelped or make a peep.
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    I am sorry to hear that. I hope he is ok. Try not to worry about it. Things happen.


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      dia? do you have a laptop in your trailer?! I was just wondering if you were lookn at that pic again! ROFL I think Im going to make it my background on my pc! LOL!!! j/k


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        Sorry that happened. Scary things happen don't they. At least the owners were good about it. Next time you groom him put 2-3 loops on him and see if that holds him! lol
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