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    okay heres the scene-- Saturday i was doing a golden a very overweight messy golden, shewas a difficult dog and she put me a little behind schedule. The appointment that I had after her came in on time but I was not done with the golden. Well this women came from hell I swear she walks in carrying her little dog I took the golden off the table so I could greet the woman and her dog it was her first time here. The first thing she said was ( I work in a Kennel ) man it is noisy in here is it going to be this noisy the whole time? My poor little girls heart is racing shes so scared. I said well this is a kennel and we are booked up. Oh she says well where is she going to be groomed I showed her the grooming room which did have golden hair on the floor. i said I will be grooming her in here. Your the groomer she said scrunching up her nose. That was it for me I couldnt be nice anymore. She went on to complain that it was dirty in the room, and when I told her to put the dog in the cage she almost passed out. I am not putting my dog in that cage she said can't I just hold her wellllllllll I told her maybe this isnt the right place for you to take her because I am not going to stand here and hold your dog and you cannot be here when she is being groomed. Maybe you need to find another groomer and I sent her packing. My thought was what we charge for a dog that small is not worth the **** this woman was throwing at me see ya later lady!!!

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    I think we have all been in this situation before, Barb Bird has some good tips in her book about Communicating...has a few things like this, and the how and make this situation work or to know when to do just what you did. In this situation, I think you probably saved yourself a messy problem later.

    You did it in a professional way, and both you and this lady will be in a better mood because of it.


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      I have had people like this, I work alone and I try to explain that for safety reasons they go in a kennel. I also will say please excuse my mess, I am almost through a big hairy dog, I just needed to put him down when you came in. Most people respond well ( I am also very pleasant to them), like to mention to I like to pamper their dog by giving them a blanket too in the kennel, most people like that.

      But those that continue to complain...urgh, guess what? Nothing you do will make them happy, they are naturally negative people.
      It is kind of like the ones that complain it smells like a wet dog (and I just bathed two big stinky golden ret.s)..I just make sure the shop is spic and span when the come in, and smells wonderful (thanks to my apple/cinnamon candle!)


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        All you can do is remain polite, and explain in a gentle but straightforward way how things are done in your shop. If it isn't for her, then she would probably be best to find a shop thats a better fit for her. Having someone come in to the shop with a bunch of negative comments right away is usually a bad sign. You're better off without a customer like that if you can't reason with her.


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          Sounds like the way I would have handled it. Doesn't sound like someone you want to deal with anyhow. That would have been one client you would have never made happy.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            mommasita next time tell her to call o mobile groomer then if you are good friends with one or simply know one that you refer call them and tell them that if they decide to do the dog to charge her double for the trouble.


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              What I do

              WOW, this happens to me all of the time I would even go so far to say that it happens every other day. I try to sympathize with their worries and concerns. I can honestly say that it would be difficult for me to leave my dogs all day at the groomers. I offer a service for those who have a difficult time with leaving their pet. I offer for them to have the first appointment where I will provide an express groom. I tell them that they should never schedule with me on Saturdays but only on specific days of the week and specific times. They appreciate this and sometimes they begin to trust the process and not be so worried about their pet. Its trust that I am building and it makes me feel good that I can help those who may have had a bad grooming experience or who just simply love their animals more then anything.


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                Not every shop or groomer can please every client. This lady would probably be much happier with mobile or a small home shop like I have now grooming one pet at a time. It might help when a new prospective client calls if you explain your grooming process-how long the pet may be required to stay, what housing you have for the pet, etc. If it's not a good fix for that client, you have avoided the unpleasantness that you went through.
                Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

                Groom on!!!