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Dogs are so lucky I'm a nice person.. LOL

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  • Dogs are so lucky I'm a nice person.. LOL

    Yesterday when I left work there was a total of 1 cat on the schedule. This morning when I came in there was the 1 cat and 3 dogs that all belonged to the same person. A Sheltie, a Golden, and a Shiba. I've done the Sheltie before, but they just adopted the Golden and the Shiba not to long ago. Then people just started walking in for grooming and calling. I don't mind because I need the money. So I ended up doing a Poodle, a small mix breed, a Lab, and a Cockapoo. A guy wanted his Wheaton done today but my boss told me to screw it and just do her monday.. he he... My boss rocks...

    So I bathed and shaved the cockapoo straight thru.. Took me maybe a half hour. Then shaved and bathed the cat. Then started on the 3. First the Golden. As soon as she saw the tub, she flipped out and peed all over the place. On the floor, the mats, the steps to the tub and of course, herself. I'm just glad that happened on the way to the bath and not after it. Then she wouldn't stand in the tub. As soon as she would sit up, I would try to pick up her back end and she would lay down. She is well over 50 pounds over weight, so I was not about to try to hold her up. I would just move her around as best I could trying to wash and rinse every part of her well. After she was dry and on the table, she still wouldn't stand and the inside of her back legs were matted. So I just picked up one leg, shaved the mats and did the same to the other. Got her all combed out and put her outside. Then I did the Shiba. Freaked out a little for the bath. As soon as I turned the dryer on this dog flipped out. She looked like a cat flying thru the air for the bath... Of course as soon as I go to turn the dryer off (wasn't about to let her stroke) she poops all over. So I bathe her again, dry her well with towels and put her in a cage to dry. I must have brushed out more hair from her than what I shaved off my Akita mix a couple weeks ago. The furminator is great. Then I did the Sheltie.. He's an old guy. Fine for the bath, but tries to attack the dryer. I can not get his head dry to save my life with the dryer. HV or hand held. After doing those dogs, I walked back into where my boss' were and told them that those dogs are lucky that I'm a nice groomer.. I can't imagine what would have happened to those dogs if they had gone to someone mean.

    All the other dogs were perfectly fine.. The mix breed is a little skittish. Tried to bite me when I went for the collar, but I could tell by the look on her face she would have and I went in anyway. I went slow and talked calmly to her so she just tried to snip me, but didn't try really hard. Just more of the "try it and I'll really do it".

    Figures, now that I'm leaving, I'm getting all the freak dogs.. The next groomer (if they ever find one) is going to have it easy for a short while.. he he

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    i feel for ya!!

    Boy oh boy do I know what your talking about and lately i have been having the same kind of dogs everyday. Where I am we get alot of goldens. Had one the other day a one year old that had never been groomed released her anal glands when I put her in the tub tried to attack the dryer and take off when I turned it on would not stand up and on and on I needed a nap by the time i was done. Yesterday had another golden a 90 pounder never been groomed and only a year old i swear the dog stood up on his back legs and was on top of my head what the hell Dogs are lucjy I am nice too. He He